The Doppler Quarterly Spring 2016 | Page 3

The Doppler Effect

“ Paper free , in ‘ 93 .” This was an internal slogan at Fidelity Investments in 1993 , when Jon Rounds joined the firm . Today , Jon is CTP ’ s Chief Operating Officer , and was less than convinced when marketing approached him last December with the idea of printing a 60-page niche publication focused exclusively on enterprise cloud .
What a difference 5 months makes ! The first print edition of The Doppler , highlighting Avid Technology ’ s all in move to AWS on the cover , was a huge success . Partners , clients , long-time followers , new subscribers - just about anyone interested in cloud - wanted to read it . We went through the original 500 copies in two weeks .
Turns out when you combine the learnings from 300 + of the world ’ s most advanced cloud initiatives , with a print magazine that makes it easy to read ( even when you ’ re offline , on the plane , or on the beach ), it ’ s a win-win .
After all , most of us look at screens for a large part of our workday , so taking the time to sit back and read how Land O ’ Lakes is using cloud and IoT to help feed 10 billion people by 2050 , is a great way to learn what your peers are doing while taking a break from the screen ’ s glow .
While IoT , Containers and DevOps continue to be hot topics , without a doubt , the most requested topic this quarter has been Cloud Economics and the broader financial considerations of moving to the cloud ( see the full breakdown of topic requests in our Doppler Survey results on the final pages of this report ).
In Cloud Economics - The Bigger Picture , we share CTP ’ s perspective to this complex and nuanced topic and explore how companies are achieving average total cost of ownership savings of 40 % through cloud adoption . This is the first article in a multi-part series on Cloud Economics and we look forward to covering this topic in depth both online , on the podcast , and in the next print Doppler . Until then …
Chris Greendale Founder , Chairman & CEO