The Desert Light November/December 2018 - Page 15

After much work and some delays with developing permanent utility resources, we created a Critical Path Method (CPM) for the rest of the project. We believe that after Stage One construction which we will complete soon, the OX Ranch Headquarters House will be comfortable, safe and ready for artists. However, we will continue to make improvements to the facility in stages and refine such areas as the historic windows, additional cooling, extended desert landscape work, glass enclosure for the artist study area and other works to create a home filled with history. When not working on the site we take time to photograph this land and explore the less traveled dirt roads. Each of them begs us to explore their unknown destinations, a testament to the power of the Mojave’s enduring allure, demonstrating that a Mojave 4x4 road trip can take you forward to a protected land, or back in time to Ghost Riders and Red Eyed Cows A-plowing through the ragged sky and up the cloudy draw. Nov/Dec 2018 | THE DESERT LIGHT 15