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Art as Science , Science as Art
We do a lot of searching at the MNPAF to find a unique voice for the Artist in Residence Program . Last year , Seattle graphic designer , Shelly Smith blew us away with a proposal about microscopic life in the Preserve .
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In 1931 , physicist Ernst Ruska and electrical engineer Max Knoll made the microscopic universe visible to the human eye with the invention of the electron microscope . Since then , people ’ s fascination with the biology of life has driven science to make this world more readily accessible . Once cumbersome this technology is now small enough to travel to remote locations . That ’ s where Shelly ’ s work comes in .
She calls them “ Cell Portraits .” In essence , water samples from the locations that she visits are magnified for interpretation through watercolor paint . In many of her pieces , soil and organic material from the collection site augment the paint color . The microscopic amoebas and other cellular creatures appear on the canvas in what can be described as living color .
Smith ’ s keen eye and graphic design skills inspire awe as she opens a window into the microscopic world of the desert . I encourage you to visit the Desert Light Gallery for her exhibition . I believe you will agree , her art is a wholly unique way to look at Mojave National Preserve .
In other MNPAF news , the O . X . Ranch fundraiser is off to big start . To date we have raised 27 % of our $ 25,000 goal . Visit our fundraise . com site , watch the video and donate today ! https :// www . fundraise . com / mojavenationalpreserveartistsfoundation
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