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Representational Book Ends
But Smith ’ s work is much more ; it is indicative of the broad range of art that the Mojave National Preserve Artists Foundation presents online and to visitors of the Desert Light Gallery at Kelso , California . “ Pause Breathe and Feel ” is leaving us , but this work also set a new standard for creative range as Art Photographer Christine Hauber printed her infrared images on Maple wood providing a tactile sensitivity that extended the perception and emotional range of her work . In several critical ways , Hauber and Smith are representational bookends ; one presents the vast nature of the invisible light in infrared photography , and the other renders the hidden microbiologic communities of the desert with Gouache Paintings .
Reminder - Hauber
Over the last twelve months , the breadth and depth of Mojave artist ’ s creations have connected with people from all backgrounds and life experiences on many emotional , tactile , and visual language levels . As Picasso said , “ The purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls ,” and so it is for our artists who create work in the Mojave National Preserve . For a few moments of gallery viewing pleasure or for the long-term enjoyment and investment value for those who purchase our artists work , our Artists in Residence are able to wash the dust of daily life from the souls of our Mojave visitors .
Shelly Smith ’ s , Cell Portraits , opens a new genre for Desert Light Gallery visitors , one that scrubs the dust from our souls but also varnishes our imagination with a tangle of ideas as we explore the art of our desert ’ s microbiological communities . DLM
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