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Poet ’ s Corner

- Our Usual Hike

Poem By : Sally Molini “ Our usual hike ” was initially published in the Atlanta Review .
Mesa Moods - Golden Hours by Caroline Kwas Available for puchase at the Desert Light Gallery Bookstore . of getting lost in the right spot , not hard with rock formations like these , nature deeper than I can think , full of cliff-edge spells and green tipsy splendor . We turn in early , whiskey in our tea , pinyon ridge for a bed , Coleman lamp as poky nightlight . Not sleepy , you set up the camera , bottomless cup through which you tipple the world -- even shadow and scrub seem to pose for your lens , ancient flecks of mica signaling to the nosy stars our turn to shine .
Sally Molini is a writer and freelance editor whose work has appeared in various journals , including Denver Quarterly , Beloit Poetry Journal , Diagram , LIT , and Southern Poetry Review . She lives in Nebraska near Heron Haven , a spring-fed wetlands sanctuary and one of the last ox-bow wetlands of Big Papillion Creek .
Poet ’ s Corner
Mojave National Preserve is proud to offer poet ’ s corner an opportunity to publish your work in the Desert Light Gallery Magazine . This is a platform for you to express what you gain by experiencing the National Parks and related public lands in person . We encourage everyone to get out there — draw , paint , photograph or write and submit your work for an opportunity to be published in an international art magazine !
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