The Current Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 35

Photo by Mike Wier

Cannabis Update: Beyond Prop 64

CalTrout helped lend a conservation voice to Prop 64 and we have been closely monitoring the bill’s implementation since January. Currently, the tax revenue from legalized cannabis have been rumored to be disappointing. This is not uncommon, as States like Colorado and Oregon have also had slower than expected returns on tax revenue from their legalization processes. Because of the lack of available revenue, the agencies tasked with receiving and expelling the funds from Prop 64 have been slow to develop expenditure plans.

CalTrout is working with its conservation partners to make sure the agencies spend that money wisely and we are monitoring any legislative changes proposed in the legislature. So far we are opposing an initiative to lower the tax on cannabis cultivation and sales, and we are looking closely at bills that define the scope of enforcement. We think that Prop 64 can be a consistent funding source for environmental restoration and to make sure all water users

conform to the existing regulations on water use in California. That being said, CalTrout will continue to shepherd the young program towards success.