The Current Buzz Newspaper VOL 2 ISSUE 7 - Page 4

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 Page 4 The BLUNT Truth It’s time for JeBuddary Think you know your marijuana strains? Know your Oklahoma laws? What about what happens if you go to another state as a card-carrying marijuana vaping medical patient? We’ve got a little quiz for you to take to see how much you really know: 1. What strain has the same name as a popular fruity brand of CHEWING gum? 2. If you have a party and serve marijuana instead of alcohol, as long as everyone is over 21, is already using medical marijuana and knowingly participates, everything is legal. T/F 3. What strain of marijuana was named after a popular Jimi Hendrix song? 4. It is legal to VAPE medical marijuana in a car, in a public establishment that allows vaping or in an approved public smoking area, but you cannot smoke flower in public any other way, flower can only be smoked at home. T/F 5. You can buy marijuana from anyone when you have a medical marijuana card if it has a state sticker on it. Any state sticker is okay. T/F 6. If you buy marijuana in another state, you can bring it back into Oklahoma, it is legal to do so, if you keep the receipt, wrap it up and put it in the trunk and you tell the police about it immediately if you are pulled over. T/F 7. What strain is named after a sweet treat you can only get once a year but might result in a copyright lawsuit to the people who named it? Hint? Sellers wear a sash. Three words. Answers are on page 21. The Current Buzz, LLC is a subsidiary of Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc. 11215-D N Garnett Rd Owasso, OK 74055 918.553.6642 • 918.260.7195 [email protected] DISCLAIMER The Current Buzz is printed by Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc, PO Box 582, Skiatook, OK 74070. Contents copyright © 2019 by The Current Buzz, LLC. Editorial contributions are welcome, but once received become the property of Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc. Good pics are also welcome, but they must be exclusive. All pics submitted must include photographer’s name and contact information. Send photos to: [email protected] net. Once submitted pictures become property of Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc and may be used or sold as we deem fit. Send editorials, comments, suggestions to: [email protected] The Current Buzz is received with the knowledge that the information contained herein is from many diverse contributors; therefore, Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc and The Current Buzz, LLC assume no responsibility or warranty as to entirety and/or correctness of content. The Current Buzz is not affiliated with any group or organization and articles, photographs, and illustrations printed herein or on our website should not be deemed an endorsement by Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc or The Current Buzz, LLC of particular products, practices, or beliefs. The beliefs and attitudes written in articles and letters are the author’s and do not reflect the point of view of Ol’ Broke Biker, Inc or The Current Buzz, LLC and/or their employees or agents. All cannabis strain information is based on internet research. The Current Buzz does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided. The Current Buzz does not endorse or promote consumption, purchase and/or sale of cannabis strains and canna related products. The displayed strain data should be treated as an informative tool, and not as a medical recommendation or promotion of cannabis use. Please consult your medical professional to see if consuming medical cannabis is right for you and a proper treatment for your medical condition(s).