The Current Buzz Newspaper VOL 2 ISSUE 7 - Page 12

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 Page 12 The BLUNT Truth AN OKLAHOMA PIONEER BRINGS SCIENCE, COMPASSION AND FUN TOGETHER IN ONE DISPENSARY  by June Lane With a new dispensary popping up on seemingly every corner these days, finding the RIGHT medical marijuana products for your issues can be daunting. On the other hand, if you are just dispensary shopping for all the deals and feels, even the state of Oklahoma won’t be able to wipe the grin off your face when you enter an Urban Wellness Dispensary.  Lawton native, Jeffrey Flowers, owner and proprietor of U.W.D., with locations in Edmond, O.K.C., and Norman, has managed to blend the fun side of this industry with a much more serious medical approach, in order to help patients get the most benefits from All Things Cannabis. The first thing you will notice upon entering his dispensary is how much more apothecary it appears than head shop. It›s light, open, well-stocked, and you are free to roam about and explore the nice selection of beauty and makeup products along with CBD infused bath and body goodies. Flowers started studying CBD and THC and the amazing cancer-fighting properties they hold when his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012. Thankfully, she is doing well now but the Mon-Fri 10a-6p Sat 12p-6p and DESIGN 918-559-9470 205 Ash Nowata, OK frustration of not being able to help her, even with the nasty side effects from chemo, drove him to continue studying uses and benefits of cannabis. He is continuing his education with the Medical Marijuana Institute and recently completed the 13-hour AAFP accreditation class for medical doctors wanting to learn more about cannabis for their practices. Flowers›s commitment to continuing education is evident in his desire to help patients that are seeking compassionate, alternative medical treatments for their issues and don›t know where to begin. His network of cannabis research centers that he stays in regular contact with include the University of Jerusalem, which has been researching the benefits and uses of cannabis for decades. Flowers and his staff at U.M.D. are eager to reach out to new cannabis patients that would feel more comfortable with a tailored ‹just for their specific issues› approach. They have an arrangement with D.L.O. labs in Oklahoma City for patients to give a baseline blood test. The test is a c/ reactive protein count determining the level of inflammation in your body. Based on your blood work along with a medical questionnaire with your history, they can begin to formulate a treatment plan for you. Flowers is committed to keeping the cost manageable for everyone, so the total patient cost for the test is $37.00. HERE›S THE COOL PART: Armed with all with all this knowledge, U.W.D. will custom blend a tincture including various terpenes, CBDs and isolates, just for you, along with dosage instructions. They start with small free trial samples so you can work with them, «tweaking terpenes»(if I were a singer, that would have to be my band›s name!) until you feel happy with your medicine. They will retest you again in six to eight weeks with another CPR blood test checking for reduced inflammation. Flowers believes so strongly that you can be helped with this approach, he will refund your cost if you feel you are not. Also, if you do not have a medical card or do not want any psychotropic effects, they can customize THC free or low dosage tinctures. Jerry Flowers is a true Trailblazer in these early Canna Crazy days, and his U.W.D. dispensaries are making a name and a niche, as innovators empowering anyone seeking answers along with new medical choices. Jerry Flowers’ Urban Wellness Dispensary Norman location can be found at 1303 E. Lindsey Plaza Drive with the OKC location at 1515 NW 23 rd St and the Edmund location at 33 W. 15 th Street.