The Current Buzz Newspaper VOL 2 ISSUE 7 | Page 14

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 Page 14 The BLUNT Truth NEW TO THIS LESSON 1: “DON”T GO TO A DISPENSARY, I’ve GOT a guy” by Amy Addams Plenty of wizened weed veterans have told me they could get me flower, vape cartridges and cookies for about 60-80 percent of what my local dispensary charges. I’m always a skeptic (sue me), so I started asking where these bargains came from. The answer was usually California, sometimes Colorado. No biggie, right? Never has it been so wrong. As a matter of fact, buying black market weed (can’t call this Medical Marijuana or Medical Cannabis) may take down all the states’ rights once the FDA gets tired of sending mean threat letters to California’s 50,000 illegal grow ops. The reasons why are numerous, and a few may cost you dearly if these ops don’t comply (I doubt they will though). First, these grow ops are not a bunch of barefoot tie dye hippies ‘sticking it to the man, man’. These people are sticking it to you, me, the man, pretty much everybody, including children, local wildlife, dogs, you name it. They have no organic standard operating procedures in place, they use chemicals that are toxic, and they are only concerned about their profits. They do not pay California’s tax nor do they allow the state to inspect what they do. Some of the chemicals they use are combustible, can cause organ failure, blindness or kill users (including children). An independent research company bought black market marijuana from all over the DISPENSARY LOCATIONS 8613 S. Western Ave OKC, OK 405-600-6218 3 S Sara Rd Tuttle, OK 405-474-2727 1280 N Eastern Ave Moore, OK 405-378-2267 1120 S Air Depot Midwest City, OK 405-4556535 NEW LOCATIONS COMING SOON