The Current Buzz Newspaper Vol 2 Issue 6 | Page 9

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 6 think what the feds could collect, but also consider the number of drug cartels that could be put out of business, the jail cells that would open for violent criminals (federal laws on marijuana are pretty hefty), think of the money saved on the war on drugs, imagine farmers finally making good wages, and the number continued from cover Find your Senators: Page 9 The BLUNT Truth of people saved from opioid overdose. Currently, 44 percent of American adults use marijuana regularly and a little over 100 years ago, marijuana was a common ingredient in a lot of medications as well as used openly. Of course, the overall issue of whether the U.S. should make marijuana legal at the federal level has roadblocks, but nothing insurmountable. It should be tentatively accepted at the federal level for a one percent tax just to see what the financial gains could do for the national economy. marijuana; plant debris of the plant of the genus cannabis, including dead plants and all unused plant parts and roots; and any wastewater generated during growing and Find your House Members: https://okhouse. processing. gov/Members ***SB307 deserves your attention now, or you’ll be paying later. A LOT more. We **Medical Marijuana Waste, def. (from now pay a 7% ‘THC tax’ above and beyond “Medical Marijuana Waste” means unused, surplus, returned or out-of- the 9-10% state and local taxes. NOW, date marijuana; recalled marijuana; unused Oklahoma wants to go further with adding Stick with The Buzz, we’re going to cover legalizing: hallucinogenic mushrooms, recreational use, legalizing all drugs and even look at a case study. Let us know what you think: [email protected]. a whole new tax, which would exist ON TOP of the 16-17 percent we now pay. The argument being made is that people pay tax for other OTC pain meds, so why not MM? We checked, there was no 30-35% tax on Aleve. Making marijuana recreationally legal and charging a pleasure tax to buy it for fun makes sense, but to gouge pain patients, homeless vets and cancer patients?