The Current Buzz Newspaper Vol 2 Issue 6 | Page 13

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 6 frequently (trust us, it’s worth the wait). The BLUNT Truth Pinch red pepper flakes 1-2 cloves minced garlic ALT: you can use your Slow Cooker and cook the oil on Low for 4-6 hours Some awesome bread, like a loaf of French bread from Reasor’s without having to stir too often. 3. Strain out MM bits, LABEL PROPERLY, and store oil in cool, dark place. If you prefer no MM bits, place a coffee filter in the bottom of a mesh strainer. Run the oil slowly through the filter. (Source: Bread Dip ¼ cup canna oil, see previous recipe ¼ cup regular olive oil ¼ tsp EACH: oregano, rosemary, basil, salt, black pepper Optional: Parmesan/Romano cheese, red pepper flakes, kosher salt 1. Mix all the herbs together. 2. Add the oil to the dish with the herbs. 3. Break bread into pieces or slice into ¼”-1/2” pieces. 4. Dab bread into the oil and herb mixture. 5. Eat.Go slow. Have a little and wait an hour. edibles can sneak up on you right quick. Page 13