The Current Buzz Newspaper Vol 2 Issue 6

The BLUNT Truth The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 6 Have you heard about SB882? What about SB532? SB238? SB763? keeping Oklahoma alerted as to what bills are being enacted without telling us much about them, Durbin has started a phone call firestorm to Senators, Congressmen and the Governor’s Office. Your call can’t hurt. Please help keep Medical Marijuana (somewhat) affordable and accessible to those who need it. Call those in power and let them know that some of the bills they are encouraging are not helping Oklahomans in need. At the time of this writing, there are 14 State bills either proposed, in the pipeline or already approved by the Senate, House, and/or Governor Stitt tied to the recently legalized Medical Marijuana. Most of these bills have been kept quiet, not because they take measures to get rid of Medical Marijuana, but our officials continue to look for ways to tack some sort of ‘tax’ onto it. One of the strangest of these bills is SB882; a Senate Bill that offers limited permits (only 10 the first year) to Oklahoma businesses licensing them to transport, possess or destroy medical marijuana waste**. If you work in the medical cannabis biz, you already know that there is not a lot of waste, and are the stems and the odd leaf truly an issue for our landfills? What about empty dispensary bags? Plastic childproof product cans? Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is offering 10 licenses across the state at $5,000 each for year one, with facility permits running $500 each (there are no limits on the number of facility permits), another bill would add yet more tax onto MM, driving Olkahoma tax to almost 20 percent should this Senate Bill get approval. What do you think about all the new bills being introduced? Do you think Oklahoma should legalize marijuana for recreational use? Why or why not? Send your thoughts to [email protected] and we’ll post the results in our August issue. Senate Bills relevant to Medical Marijuana you may want to research at The Durbin Law Firm in Tulsa is fighting OMMA’s efforts at monopolizing and price gauging medical marijuana and it looks as though the Durbin Team is winning. By SB31 SB162 SB238 SB307*** SB532 SB612 SB754 SB755 SB756 SB759 SB760 SB763 SB765 SB767 SB768 continued on page 9