The Creative Issue Vol. 1 September/ October 2020 - Page 2

Letter from the Editor

On behalf of DCI , we would like to introduce you to our very first zine , The Creative Issue . Our aim with this zine is to show that anyone can be a creative . A creative isn ' t just the stereotype of an art kid who draws and paints ; but a creative is a state of mind . It ' s how you think when dealt with a problem or how you take opportunity from said problem . Hence , to us this zine is many things , a place to put your ideas and thoughts , a place to give and learn advise and hopefully , a good read .
Our very first issue explores the question of ' What is a Creative ?' and what do people think of one . Then we further dwell into an interesting article that talks about our fears of failing .
In this Issue we also ask the question of , " As a DCI major , if you were ever stranded in an island with only your school bag and its contents , what would you do ?" Where many of our writers gladly contributed to this story with their creative insights on what to do with each item they had .
The Creative Issue is still fresh and growing , but we hope to see you again in the next Issue coming soon !
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