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Language and Literature have a transformative power . It equips us with the tools to express our thoughts , feelings and opinions , and to share our imagination and creativity with others .
English enables us to appreciate the human experience through different historical , cultural and social periods . Be it through seeing the world of the Ancient Greeks through Homer ’ s Odyssey , the inspiring fight for equality in speeches by Malala Yousafazi , or through Dickens ’ critique of Victorian poverty , the study of English has all-encompassing significance and is at the very heart of education .
We endeavour to enchant our students through the wonderfully rich , diverse and dynamic might of English Language and Literature , whilst simultaneously empowering them to flourish through their communication skills . The broad scope of our subject through the ages allows us to take students on a voyage and explore a wide range of stories , characters and themes , instilling a deep understanding of our constantly evolving world .
" Fiction is such a world of freedom , it ' s wonderful . If you want someone to fly , they can fly " - Alice Walker