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Principal ’ s Welcome

At The County High School , Leftwich , an Academic Curriculum is an opportunity for and expectation of all students , further enriched by opportunities beyond the timetable .
The Academy ’ s curriculum endeavours to develop students ’:
• Comprehension and command of the best that has been said , thought and done , ensuring students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need in order to take advantage of opportunities , responsibilities and experiences of later life .
• Character , further engendering an understanding , awareness and appreciation of other communities and cultures and that they are prepared to be positive and active citizens as part of these .
• Creativity and imagination , stimulating an appreciation of human creativity and achievement , enabling them to create high-quality work for authentic audiences .
Students will follow an ambitious , broad and balanced , three-year Key Stage 3 ( Year 7-9 ). For the majority of their time at the Academy ( Year 7-9 ) students ’ study : English ; Maths ; Science ; a Modern Foreign Language ; Geography ; History ; Religious Studies ; Design and Technology ; Creative Computing and Media ; Art ; Music and Physical Education .
During Key Stage 4 ( Year 10-11 ) students have the opportunity to follow their passions and opt for the subjects they enjoy and achieve most in . At the heart of our Key Stage 4 curriculum is a strong academic core as defined by the English Baccalaureate suite of subjects ( English , Maths , Science , a Modern Foreign Language and either Geography or History ). This enables students to have as many opportunities as possible open to them when they move onto the next phase of their education and provides students with a broad range of experiences to take with them .
Teachers are supported and challenged to deliver clear , engaging , enjoyable , challenging and inspiring schemes of learning . These are planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been learnt before and towards its clearly defined end points . They incorporate powerful knowledge and content to develop students ’ understanding of the subject disciplines . Key concepts are embedded in students ’ long-term memory and are applied fluently . Students ’ understanding is checked effectively so that teachers can identify and correct misunderstandings , enabling students to understand how to progress further .
The County High School , Leftwich is a safe and calm , inclusive and positive community and workplace . Students enjoy and achieve during their time at the Academy . They leave as rounded individuals , aware of the wider-world , ready to make a positive contribution to it and fully equipped to flourish in it , whilst having maximised their academic potential .
Mr M Snelson Principal