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Religious Studies

Religious Studies at the County High School allows students the opportunities to explore questions whose answers are beyond scientific proof , in the pursuit of wisdom and truth . They will gain a deep knowledge of the foundations of faith from a historical context , religious beliefs and religious practices from a variety of faiths , including Christianity , Islam and Humanism .
Through exploring concepts from Eastern and Western traditions in both philosophy and religion , students are broadening their knowledge and understanding of the world we live in and particularly the impact that faith , culture and morality can have on humanity . Almost all human beings have a strong moral foundation , yet the breadth of the moral spectrum is vast . The Religious Studies curriculum at The County High School allows for the exploration of these concepts , encouraging students to reflect and develop their morality and practise ways to confidently express and discuss this using varied stimulus designed to nurture higher order thinking . As well as the study of religion , the RS curriculum will allow opportunities for students to develop socially , morally , spiritually and culturally by using philosophy and ethics to help understand life and suggest answers to some of the ‘ ultimate ’ questions of life . For example , why are we here ? What happens when we die ?
In Religious Studies we get a chance to challenge students ’ misconceptions of religion and encourage an ethos of tolerance and understanding , by teaching about specific beliefs , values and practices and relating them to life issues and human experience . In order to do this successfully it is imperative that our students are given the opportunity to explore the reasons why people behave the way they do within society and the influence religion can have on those people , whether this is a positive or a negative impact . In turn this will develop students ’ empathy and tolerance , helping them to acquire an inquisitive and unbiased perspective of the world . Students will explore and have opportunities to develop their own belief systems , whether that is religious or atheist , and grow in confidence to challenge others ’ beliefs .
“ The unexamined life is a life not worth living ” - Socrates