The County High School, Leftwich | Page 12

“ Creativity takes courage ” -Henri Matisse


The County High School , Leftwich Art curriculum sets out to develop imagination , critical thinking and creativity . Art lessons are a safe space where students have the freedom to express their ideas and thoughts and work creatively . Students are encouraged to make and learn from mistakes through experimentation .
Artists are mathematicians , historians and scientists . Artists are fit for life and visionaries for the future .
Art is mathematical - it translates a three-dimensional world in to two-dimensional and three-dimensional images and sculptures . This requires understanding of spatial relationships , linear perspective , shading , symmetry and asymmetry , and a knowledge of geometrical and organic shapes .
Art is history - it reflects the environment , culture , and often the political conditions of the time and place in which it was created . The artworks of the world are human mankind ’ s greatest records of our history on planet earth . History is simply not history without the artefacts that support its existence .
Art is science - creating art can demand exact , specific mixtures as a variety of compounds . Artists are keen observers and recorders of their environment just as a scientist is .
Artists are fit for life - it requires coordination of the fingers , hands , arms , and body . The hand and the eye must work in perfect harmony in order to create . Many forms of art require great physical strength , balance , and coordination such as sculpting large structures from stone , metal , and wood , and throwing clay .
Artists are visionaries of the future . Art is technology - it can be created on computers requiring artists to have highly developed computer skills and knowledge .
Through our County High School , Leftwich art journey exploring artists and art movements we will learn how to appreciate and interpret art allowing us to become more insightful and able to see perspectives other than our own . Self-expression and creativity build students confidence as well as a sense of individual identity . This in turn can help with wellbeing and improving health and happiness . All these skills help prepare students to take on the world with passion and creativity .
“ Creativity takes courage ” -Henri Matisse