The Coshocton County Beacon September 26, 2018 - Page 5

THE BEACON 5 |  Lett er to the Editor To Th e Editor, Reading some of the information regarding expanding the injection permit for Buckeye Brine, several import- ant points seemed overlooked. I am graduate of CHS with professional experience in both science and real estate, and a continuing interest in Coshocton County. First, injecting fl uids into the rock layers lubricates and puts pressure onto them. Th e fact that nothing has come loose by now means simply that the slipping point has not yet been reached. When it happens, the damage will have been done and be irreparable. Th e many brick buildings in Coshocton are particularly susceptible to seismic damage. Second, much experience in Oklahoma shows that injection wells do cause earthquakes when suffi cient fl uid has been injected over time by one or more wells. “Experts” denied this risk for years, but the data and events have proven them wrong. Th ird, the claim the wastes are not “hazardous” is disingenuous, relying on a legal defi nition. If the fl uids were not a problem for people, they would be simply dumped or treated at the site of generation like any other waste water. As more and more is pumped ‘down there’, eventually something bad will happen. I hope this letter gives the people of Coshocton some useful information for consideration. Ohio EPA needs to limit the total amount of wasted dumped at this site. Refusing to issue the requested permit is a start. Sincerely, Scott E. Butler River View Junior High teacher honored WARSAW - River View Ju- nior High School’s Molly Bordenkircher was select- ed as the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Eastern District Middle School Teacher of the Year. Th e OCTM annually recognizes outstanding teachers, professors, emerging leaders and friends of mathematics. Teachers can be nom- inated by a colleague, Bordenkircher administrator, student or parent. Th en, an outstanding elementary, middle and high school teacher is selected from each of the eight districts based on their philosophy of how students learn mathematics, their participation in profession- al development and organizations, as well as their leadership roles. Th is year more than 120 classroom teachers were nominated for the OCTM Awards. Th rough their rig- orous selection process, 21 teachers were chosen for the district awards. Bordenkircher is a graduate of River View High School and earned her BS in math from Muskingum University and her MA in curriculum from Musking- um. She taught 22 years at River View High School before joining the staff at the junior high in the fall of 2015. She currently teaches eighth grade math, college Salami ................................. $4.29 lb. Buffalo Chicken ................. $5.49 lb. Pearl Valley Lacey Baby .... $3.99 lb. Pearl Valley Pepper Jack .. $2.99 lb. Pumpkins, Gourds, and Fall Decor! prep algebra one and CP Geometry at the junior high. Her daily eff orts surpass that of simply teaching. She excels in assisting new and seasoned teachers in any way that she can. Bordenkircher’s interests other than teaching include staying active through walking and biking and spending time with her husband Shawn along with their two children Emily and Ben. Th e 2018 OCTM award winners will be honored at the annual OCTM Conference in Akron, during the banquet on Th ursday, Oct. 11. Contributed | Beacon Meadow View Bargains Surplus Merchandise Tools - Housewares - Baby Items - Toys INVENTORY CHANGES OFTEN! HOURS: Mon 8-7; Tues-Wed, Fri 8-5; Sat 8-12 Thurs & Sun Closed 330-600-0416 4151 CR 59, Baltic, OH 43804 1 Mile West of New Bedford • Amish Cheeses • Deli Meats • Specialty Foods • Delicious Subs & Salads • Amish Bakery Items • Pumpkins, Gourds & More! 740.291.8000 Whitewoman St. Roscoe Village Daily Hours: 10:00AM - 6:00PM SEPTEMBER 26, 2018