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Footlight Players present ‘ Here on the Flight Path ’

By Jen Jones
COSHOCTON - “ Funny .” “ Hilarious .” “ True to life .” These are just a few of the words the actors from “ Here on the Flight Path ” used to describe the play .
Director Susan Metz Guthrie said she saw a 30 minute excerpt from the Norm Foster play and really fell in love with it . “ It ’ s funny , smart , and clever .” She said she was familiar with Foster ’ s work and ordered the script soon after seeing the short piece . Guthrie said she enjoyed the script right through till the end – that unlike some scripts , she loved it all .
The play features Jeff Wherley , Ellen Hardesty , Katie Aggas , and Jill Baumgardner with a special appearance by Amanda Kittel . The entire show takes place on one set – on the balconies of adjoining apartments . Wherley plays John , a writer , who meets three different women as they each move into the apartment next to his .
Wherley said , “ I swear Norm Foster read my diary – this character is me .” Wherley also said this play is nerve wracking and exhausting to him as his character never leaves the stage . “ It ’ s a real challenge .”
Baumgardner said being on stage with just Wherley is fun . “ I really enjoy working one on one with him . These characters are likeable , flawed humans .”
Aggas plays Angel , an aspiring singer , who moves to the big city to pursue her singing career . “ The part is funny and I like playing funny roles . It ’ s been a challenge to learn my lines and cues . There isn ’ t a chance to

Guitar duo to kick off rent party season

Katie Aggas and Jeff Wherley rehearse for the Footlight Players ’ production of “ Here on the Flight Path .” Performance dates are Oct . 5 , 6 , 12 , 13 , 19 and 20 at 8 p . m .
go off stage and review lines .”
The play features three very different acts , so there is sure to be parts to please everyone who attends . Performance dates are Oct . 5 , 6 , 12 , 13 , 19 and 20 at 8 p . m . and Oct . 13 at 2 p . m . The production is not appropriate
Jen Jones | Beacon
and Oct . 13 at 2 p . m . Tickets can be purchased by calling 740-622-2959 or going to www . footlightplayers . com .
for those under 13 . Tickets are $ 12 for adults and $ 7 for students in seventh through 12th grade and can be purchased by calling 740-622-2959 or by going to www . footlightplayers . com . An opening night reception will begin at 7 p . m . on Oct . 5 .
COSHOCTON - Guitar duo Willie Arnold and Ed Zinkon will be kicking off the 2018 / 19 Rent Party season Oct . 5 , 7:30 – 9 p . m . with a great mix of classic folk and blues and just enough funk to add a little edge .
Willie and Ed have been playing music together here in Coshocton County for almost 40 years , which is to say not long after they began wearing long pants , which means in their early teens ( if you ' re not old enough to understand this expression ). In addition to playing as a guitar duo , they perform together in the rockabilly band The Woodrose .
Ed is a member of Big Fat Dog Blues Band and has recorded two albums with them .
You can expect to be well entertained by this duo while sharing drinks and snacks with friends inside our historic 1836 Greek Revival mansion . All in all this equals great friends and great music in a beautiful setting . Come celebrate ( or mourn ) the end of summer with us for only $ 10 . All donations go towards the upkeep of this great estate . Call or email Donovan , event coordinator at 740-622-0326 or office @ pomerenearts . org .
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BOOTH : Old Kodak photo booth re-purposed

“ My grandpa said , you know what would be a great idea ? Make it into a pumpkin to draw attention ,” said H a t fi e l d .
The former photo booth is made of fiberglass and is made up of four pieces bolted together . It is approximately 12 feet wide , 12 feet high , and 18 feet long . When William Albert Excavating took it down from the plaza , a worker decided to take it home , reassemble it , and use it as a goat shed . Hatfield ’ s grandfather , Bob Johnson , knew the worker and bought it from him . It stood on his property
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for many years as a sanding shed for his woodshop . He gave it to his granddaughter for her FFA project .
With the help of her grandfather , her mom and dad , and her sister and brother-in-law , the photo booth was transformed overnight from a sanding shed to a pumpkin . There are 150 pumpkins for sale and range from minis to 80 lbs . Hatfield also has a 101 lbs . pumpkin that she will be entering into the fair this year .
Stacia ’ s Pumpkin Patch is located at 16733 CR 271 in Coshocton and is open Monday through Friday from 3:30 – 7:30 p . m . and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a . m . – 4 p . m .
THE BEACON 15 SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 Footlight Players present ‘Here on the Flight Path’ By Jen Jones COSHOCTON - “Funny.” “Hilarious.” “True to life.” Th ese are just a few of the words the actors from “Here on the Flight Path” used to describe the play. Director Susan Metz Guthrie said she saw a 30 minute excerpt from the Norm Foster play and really fell in love with it. “It’s funny, smart, and clever.” She said she was familiar with Foster’s work and ordered the script soon after seeing the short piece. Guthrie said she enjoyed the script right through till the end – that unlike some scripts, she loved it all. Th e play features Jeff Wherley, Ellen Hardesty, Katie Aggas, a B&Vv&FW"vF7V6V&6P'FGFVFRVF&R6rFW26RP6WB( 2FR&6W2bFr'FVG2vW&W2w&FW"vVWG2F&VRFfbW&VBvV2FWV6fRFFR'FVBWBF2vW&W6B( Ē7vV"&f7FW"&VBגF'( 2F26&7FW"2R( vW&W66BF20W'fRw&6rBWW7FrF226&7FW WfW"VfW2FR7FvR( ėN( 2&V6VvR( Ф&Vv&FW"6B&Vr7FvRvFW7BvW&W0gV( Ē&VǒVv&rRRvFFW6P6&7FW'2&RƖV&RfvVBV2( Фvv22vV7&r6vW"vfW2FFR&r6GFW'7VRW"6vr6&VW"( FR'B0gVBƖRrgV&W2N( 2&VV6ЦVvRFV&גƖW2B7VW2FW&R6( B66RFVW7&V6शFRvv2BVfbvW&W&VV'6Rf"FRfFƖv@W'>( &GV7Fb( ĆW&RFRfƖvBF( W"Цf&6RFFW2&R7BRb"2B#Bvfb7FvRB&WfWrƖW2( ХFRfVGW&W2F&VRfW'FfbW&VB7G26FW&R07W&RF&R'G2FV6RWfW'RvGFVG2W"Цf&6RFFW2&R7BRb"2B#BB7B2B"FR&GV7F2B&&FPB7B2B"F6WG26&RW&66VB'6ƖpsCc#"#S"vrFwwrfFƖvGW'26f"F6RVFW"2F6WG2&RC"f"GVG2BCrf 7GVFVG26WfVFF&Vv'Fw&FRB6&PW&66VB'6ƖrsCc#"#S"'vrFwwrfFƖvGW'26VrvB&V6WFv&VvBr7BRwVF"GVF6&VB'G6V6445DwVF"GVvƖR&BBV@v&R6rfbFR#&VB'G6V67BRs3( 2vFw&VB֗`6762fƲB&VW2BW7BVVvgVFF@ƗGFRVFvRvƖRBVBfR&VVrW62FvWFW W&R667F6VGf"7BCV'2v62F6BrgFW"FW&VvvV&prG2v6V2FV"V&ǒFVV2`Rw&RBBVVvFVFW'7FBF2WЧ&W76FFFFr2wVF"GVFWW&f&FvWFW"FR&6&ǒ&BFPvG&6RVB2V&W"b&rfBFr&VW2&B@2&V6&FVBGv'V2vFFVॖR6WV7BF&RvVVFW'FVB'F2GVvR6&rG&2B662vFg&VG2Ч6FRW"7F&23bw&VV&Wff6F2WV2w&VBg&VG2Bw&VBW62&VWFgV6WGFr6R6VV'&FR"W&FPVBb7VW"vFW2f"ǒCFF0vFv&G2FRWVWbF2w&VBW7FFR6 VFfWfVB6&FF"BsCc#"3#`"ff6TW&VV'G2&r6G&'WFVB&V6$DBFF&F&RW'6V@e$tR( גw&G6BRrvBvVB&Rw&V@FVRBFVFG&rGFVF( 6@FfVBFRf&W"F&F2FRbf&W&v72B0FRWbfW"V6W2&FVBFvWFW"B2&FVǐ"fVWBvFR"fVWBvBfVWBrvVvƖФ&W'BW6fFrFBFvg&FRv&W FV6FVBFFRBR&V76V&RBBW6RB2vB6VBFfVN( 2w&FfFW"&"6WrFPv&W"B&VvBBg&B7FB2&W'G6G&'WFVB&V6f"V'226Fr6VBf"2vG6PvfRBF2w&FFVvFW"f"W"dd&V7BvFFRVbW"w&FfFW"W"BFB@W"67FW"B'&FW"֖rFRF&Fv2G&2Цf&VBfW&vBg&6Fr6VBFVFW&R&RSV2f"6RB&vRg&֖2F'2FfVB62'2VFB6Rv&RVFW&rFFRf"F2V"7F6( 2VF626FVBBcs325"#s667FB2VFF&Vvg&Fg&33( 2s3B6GW&FB7VFg&( 2B