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Don ’ t leave your family stories untold for others

By Cristie Merce
As our family historian and genealogist , I am always surprised by people who don ’ t know even simple things about their own family ancestry . How many generations can you record ? Two of my favorite sayings are “ when an old person dies you lose a library ” and “ you don ’ t get the answers if you don ’ t ask the questions .” Maybe you aren ’ t interested , but isn ’ t there someone who is ?
My own father passed away in 2010 , and since then my sisters and I have thought of many questions we should have asked but didn ’ t .
I wrote my complete memoirs in 2007 ; it ’ s over 300 handwritten pages . My family can get a lot of their questions answered . It ’ s full of stories , photos and documents , an important passion of mine .
Life is so short ; tomorrow is never guaranteed . What a legacy to pass to your children and grandchildren .
We have two family gatherings or reunions and talk to each other about the newest grandchild or who brought the yummy cherry pie , but we don ’ t ask the oldest member any of the five W ’ s — who , what , where , when and why — before it ’ s too late .
I ’ ve heard every excuse handed to me , but I don ’ t accept any of them . Writing just one story a month leaves you with a journal of 52 stories . That ’ s never too much to ask . Each story leads to one more .
Family is so important . Pass on your love and begin today .
Editor ’ s note : Cristie Merce is the author of the book , “ The Woes and Wisdom of Eldercare .”

Born in Ohio educational event is being planned

The Ohio Promotional Professionals Association will present a special educational event , Born in Ohio .
Ohio is the proud birthplace of the promotional products industry , and the association wants to celebrate with the community that made it happen and keeps making it happen every single day .
A small-town printer in the town of Coshocton , Jasper Meek , is considered to be the originator of the now almost $ 25 billion industry . Meek convinced a local shoe store to supply book bags imprinted with the store ’ s name to local schools . The original press used to print these original burlap sacks is displayed in Coshocton ’ s museum to this day .
Henry Beach , another
Coshocton printer and a competitor of Meek , also joined the ranks of printing store names and brands on products , and soon the two printers were selling printed marble bags , buggy whips , card cases , fans , calendars , cloth caps , aprons and even hats for horses . The Beach company stands in Coshocton today and continues to print branded calendars .
OPPA and PPAI ’ s Paul Bellantone will host a day of education , pride and camaraderie all in the name of promo in Coshocton . Small group tours will occur in two sessions throughout the day , following guidelines set forth by the CDC and local health officials . Tours will include a time at the Coshocton museum to peruse historical items from advertising history , a tour of Roscoe Village including a direct address by Paul Bellantone and networking time at a local Coshocton eatery .
The Born in Ohio event serves as the official kickoff to the rescheduled Promotional Products Work Week 2020 and Advertising Week 2020 . The event will be held from 11 a . m . to 6 p . m . on Friday , Oct . 2 .
To register , visit http :// events . r20 . constantcontact . com / register / event ? o eidk = a07egxcm3ku7403 a391 & llr = 8is9iybab . The size of groups is limited due to safety purposes , but a 4-6 p . m . cocktail time at The Warehouse in Roscoe is open to anyone . People that worked in the promo industry are especially encouraged to attend .
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