The Coshocton County Beacon September 10, 2020 - Page 6

6 • The Beacon September 10, 2020 BF-00491820 BF-00491624 FALL IS HERE! Pumpkins, Squash, Corn Shucks, Gourds, Mums, Home Grown Tomatoes, Zucchini, Cucumbers and More! HOMEMADE COOKIES Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-6 Sunday 10-4 740.622.8915 52441 CR16, West Lafayette, OH BECOME A FIREFIGHTER Volunteer with Jackson Township Fire Department Contact Shane Harrah at 740-502-3809 or Find us on . BF-00490248 Can we all just take a deep breath and please be kind to each other? Through your mask of course. Yeah, I think everyone needs to relax, chill out and unwind a bit. Maybe those all mean the same thing to you — but is it just me — or are many people wound tighter than a drum right now? Not only do we have a virus to continue contending with, but also a presidential election looms on the horizon in less than 60 days, and we will be able to cast ballots in a few weeks. And that brings up another subject for discussion — and angst. Will all of the absentee ballots be processed in time by the post office to be counted? I believe the new postmaster general has said “yes” to that question in front of a congressional panel. Many changes planned for the postal system have been delayed due to this inquiry. And did I hear Mark Fortune a vaccine is supposedly going to be ready by ... Mark’s wait Musings for it, wait for it, Nov. 1? Are we rushing things a tad? Again, no research here, just something I thought I heard. Do you like the improved quality printing of The Beacon? I consider it a top-shelf move that will enhance the paper and especially provide for better readership and advertiser response. A big thank you also goes out to all the businesses and organizations that helped support the fall sports issue last week. These kids and all those that support them, from the coaches, to the parents, to the volunteers that staff the food stands, deserve recognition for sticking with something in a The Kno-Ho-Co-Ashland Community Action Commission will continue to assist income-eligible Ohioans with staying cool during the hot summer months with the Summer Crisis Program, which will end Sept. 30. The Home Energy Assistance Summer Crisis Program provides eligible Ohioans assistance paying an electric bill. The program runs from July 1 until Sept. 30. To apply for the program, clients are required to complete an intake process with Kno-Ho- Co-Ashland Community Action Commission. Clients need to provide copies of the following documents: —Their most recent energy bills (electric and heating). —A list of all household members and proof of income for the last 30 days or 12 months for each member. —Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency for all household members. —Photo ID. —Proof of disability (if applicable). —Social Security numbers for all household members. —Physician documentation that cooling assistance is needed for a household member’s health (if there isn’t a household member over the age of 60). —Proof of service disconnection if not over 60 or medical eligibility. The Summer Crisis Program assists lowincome households with an older household member (60 years or older) or that can provide physician documentation that cooling assistance is needed for a household member’s health or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have a disconnect notice, have been shut off, are trying to establish new service on their electric bill or challenging season. Here’s to a great season. Congratulations to the Coshocton Regional Medical Center on the opening of the new urgent-care facility to serve our community seven days per week. This will help many in our community who have a need not quite up to the level of emergency-room care but require care nonetheless. The folks at our local hospital saw a need and put together a plan to fill that need. Thank you. It is the Friday prior to the Labor Day weekend, and a quick glance at the Major League Baseball standings shows the Indians leading the American League Central by a half game over the White Sox. The vaunted Twins have slipped to third place, but require air-conditioning. Medical conditions for those qualifications can include such things as lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma. The total benefit amount payable to the electric utility is up to $500 for PUCO-regulated utilities, $800 for non-PUCO (co-ops) or up to $500 may be available for repair of a central air-conditioning unit. Also, qualifying households may be eligible for an air-conditioner and/or fan if the household has not received this benefit in the past three years. Households do not have to be in disconnect status if a household member is over 60 or has a documented medical condition; however, those in disconnect status must receive utility assistance before additional benefits will be considered and cannot exceed total maximum allowable benefit that is only by a game. The season is now two-thirds over when you read this. A 60-game schedule does not leave much room for error(s). The short season has stirred up some teams from the past and left others in the dust. The Nationals were expected to be a contender I believe, but it looks like the Braves are dominating in the NL East with Philadelphia on their heels. The ‘Nats are five games back. The Reds are only two games back with the Pirates six back. The Dodgers are baseball’s winningest team right now with 29 wins and only 10 losses. They were predicted to be in the running for a World Series championship. I would say it’s still a long season, but it’s not. Kno-Ho-Co help offered until Sept. 30 with both utility and additional benefits. Income guidelines are at 175% of the Federal Poverty Level. A family of four may earn up to $3,768.49 in the past 30 days. Due to COVID-19 concerns, for the safety of staff and clients, there will be no face-to-face intake. Applications will be completed via phone interview once all the required documentation is completed and submitted. For more information about the features of the Summer Crisis Program or to start the application process, call Kno- Ho-Co-Ashland CAC at 740-622-9801. For more information about energyassistance programs, call 800-282-0880 Monday through Friday (hearingimpaired clients may dial 711 for assistance). For a list of energy-assistance providers, select option two or visit