The Coshocton County Beacon September 10, 2020 - Page 5

September 10, 2020 The Beacon • 5 Can the post office handle 100% mail-in voting for this election? Letter to the Editor: How many people realize your mail is sorted by machine? I retired from the USPS in 2007 after 41 years. When I worked, everything considered first class that came in was priority one and went out the same day. Not so now; getting the carriers out of the office is priority one. Mail is rolled over to the next day, even days, to keep the man hours down. The less time your office uses, the bigger the bonus for the postmaster. Letter carriers put trays of mail sorted by machines in their vehicles, never seeing what they have until they are on the street for delivery. Sometimes it is not even their assigned routes or even in the correct order of delivery. This is not the letter carrier’s fault. No matter what state you live and work in, your tray will have missorted mail from all 50 states. Letter carriers now are tracked by GPS and have scan points along the route and have to be scanned by a certain time, which is more important than accurate delivery to managers. Part-time carriers borrowed from other offices often deliver on your assigned carrier’s day off and have never been to your city or town before that day. This is why your friends and neighbors often get your mail and you get theirs. Missorted or missdelivered mail has to be returned to the mailprocessing centers to be sorted and redirected. Now Open! Friday • Saturday • Sunday File Mail often just disappears, especially mail you pay extra for, expecting a confirmation of that delivery. Part-time carriers with no expectation of being promoted to a position for retirement and health-care benefits don’t really care if the confirmation scans are made. They know the postal service is so mismanaged and understaffed at the entry level that USPS needs them more than they need USPS. Due to COVID-19, many postal workers are staying home. The post offices are Now Showing: Tenet (PG-13) CALL FOR SHOW TIMES: 740-622-3456 Gift Certificates Available Shelby Theatres 460 Downtowner Plaza • Coshocton 740-622-6855 BF-00491346 overwhelmed now. If you think these machines can handle the influx of 100% mail-in voting in all 50 states in the next 90 days, you have no clue about how the system works. By the way, Nancy Pelosi has been briefed by the postal unions as to exactly why it will benefit her party to use mailin voting. Postal unions do not have the right to strike, so they lobby Democrat legislators to provide money to cover postalservice losses. I am telling you today, Aug. 5, 2020, if we go to 100% voting by mail, your mail-in ballots will end up in all 50 states across the USA, not necessarily the state you live and voted in. By the time the mail is sent to the processing center to be redirected, redelivered to the correct address, the election will be over, ballots discarded and not counted because the deadlines will have passed. Joel Styer Coshocton Monday, September 14 Taco Salad (Meat, Beans, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese & Salsa) Mandarin Oranges, Cookie, Tortilla Chips & Milk Thursday, September 17 Chicken Cordon Bleu, Ranch Potato Bake, California Blend Veggies, Watermelon Chunks, Bread & Milk BF-00491215 Menu A KNO-HO-CO-ASHLAND CAC SERVICE Tuesday, September 15 Creamy Chicken Penne Pasta, Broccoli Cuts, Cherry Crisp, Cucumber & Onion Salad, Biscuit & Milk 11:30 AM Commodity Box Pick-Up Friday, September 18 Tater Tot Casserole, Succotash, Warm Peach Crisp, Tossed Salad w/Tomatoes, Dinner Roll & Milk FAMILY FISH FRY Open to the Public Friday, Sept. 11 • 6pm-7:30pm Adults $10 • Children $8 COSHOCTON ELKS 434 Chestnut St. • Coshocton Seton Coshocton Love Where You Live! Available Now - No Waiting List! • Spacious One Bedroom Apartments • Applicants Must be at Least 62 Years of Age • Community Room • Social Activities • Library • Updated Coin Operated Laundry Room • Pets Allowed 377 Clow Lane, Coshocton 740-622-7664 September Soup 11AM-1PM Beef & Vegetable Take out only, includes cornbread - $3.00 each Salads Available Choice of Toppings & Dressings ALL ACTIVITIES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. PLEASE CALL 740-622-4852 IF YOU ARE OVER 60 AND NEED ASSSISTANCE. 740.622.4852 | 201 Browns Lane, Coshocton | Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm To access ingredient content, please call Bud Moore 740.622.4852 BF-00491162 BF-00491593