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48 • The Beacon October 28 , 2021
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Fall 2021
Fun Ways to Recycle Holiday and Greeting Cards
It ’ s so nice to receive cards for birthdays , anniversaries , new babies , in sympathy or just a note that someone is thinking of you . As we move into the holiday season , Christmas cards will start finding their way into our mailboxes , too . Cards are nice to receive , but let ’ s be honest ; we can ’ t keep them all forever ! Of course , most cards can be recycled in the bin with our newspapers , junk mail and other paper , but with a little creativity they can be given a second life .
Do you have little ones at home ? Allow them to cut out pictures from old cards ; giving them practice with their fine motor skills and perhaps using those images to make their own cards or pictures with a little glue and supervision . How about making a paper chain ? Removing a link each day and counting down the days until a special event helps kids learn about time , counting and maybe patience !
Make your own present tags with old cards . They can be cut into any shape or size and these homemade tags will give an added special touch to any gift . Images from cards can also be cut out and used as embellishments to a plain gift bag turning the boring into bling .
Some people are fond of giving special homemade gifts in Mason jars . Instead of lining the lid with fabric , cut circles from greeting cards to fit in between the lid and ring for a festive touch .
Homemade magnets can be made with clear , glass accent marble gems ( found in the floral or craft section of stores ), ¾- 1 inch round or oval card cut-outs , craft adhesive and flat , craft magnets . Glue the card ’ s image to the flat side of the glass gem and then adhere the magnet to the back of the image . Make sure there are no air bubbles and allow to dry . You could even package your magnet set in an origami gift box made from a recycled greeting card .
Finally , St . Jude ’ s Ranch for Children offers a recycled card program . They accept the fronts of recycled greeting cards ( except for Hallmark , American Greetings and Disney due to copyright laws ) for use in their recycled card program to provide teens with life and work skills . Cards can be sent to : St . Jude ’ s Ranch for Children , 100 St . Jude ’ s St ., Boulder City , NV 89005 . This organization also accept new cards ( any occasion ) with or without the envelopes . For additional information , visit : https :// stjudesranch . org / recycled-card-program /
Enjoy reusing and recycling and consider reducing your waste in small ways throughout the year for a big impact .
Before You Light It … Know Ohio ’ s Open Burning Regulations
Open burning is defined as any time you light an outdoor fire without a chimney or stack . Open burning can release many kinds of toxic fumes . Leaves and plants send millions of spores into the air when they catch fire causing many people with allergies to have trouble breathing . Gases released by open burning can also corrode metal siding and damage paint on buildings .
Under Ohio law , these materials may not be burned anywhere in the state at any time :
� Garbage – any waste created in the process of handling , preparing , cooking or consuming food .
� Materials containing rubber , grease and asphalt or made from petroleum products such as plastics
� Dead animals – unless approved for control of disease by a governing agency
What can you do instead of open burning ?
� Reduce the amount of waste you generate
� Reuse items in another way
� Recycle what you ’ re able ( curb-side or County drop-off locations )
� Compost yard trimmings and food scraps , while creating a natural , free fertilizer .
Ohio EPA ’ s website has a handy brochure describing all open burning regulations as well as local air pollution control agencies and Ohio EPA District Offices and can be viewed here : https :// epa . ohio . gov / portals / 47 / facts / openburn . pdf
The complete OEPA open burning site : https :// epa . ohio . gov / dapc / general / openburning
Annual America Recycles Radio Contest
All Sixth Graders in any Coshocton County School are encouraged to get creative and submit a radio ad promoting recycling for America Recycles Week , November 14-20 .
Ads must be no longer than 25 seconds in length and use at least one Coshocton County recycling fact . Ads must be electronically submitted by their teacher by Monday , November 8 . For complete criteria , email tammirogers @ coshoctoncounty . net or visit our Facebook page .
Five winners will be selected and asked to record their ad through WTNS Radio for promotion of America Recycles Week .
Share this contest with your favorite 6th Graders ! Good Luck !
Did You Know …
So far in 2021 , 147,080 pounds of OCC ( old corrugated cardboard ) has been collected from the Coshocton County “ Cardboard Only ” drop-off bins and recycled through WestRock ?
That ’ s over 75.3 tons ! Keep recycling , Coshocton !
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