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Facts about breast cancer shared from the ACS

Things worth knowing in regard to breast cancer :
— Though most breast cancer survivors don ’ t get cancer again , the American Cancer Society said they are at higher risk for getting some types of cancer . According to the ACS , the most common second cancer in breast cancer survivors is another breast cancer . That only underscores the importance of continuing to get screened even after successful treatment .
In addition to a second breast cancer , breast cancer survivors have a greater risk of developing salivary gland cancer , cancer of the esophagus , stomach cancer , colon cancer , uterine cancer and ovarian cancer . The risk for thyroid cancer , sarcoma , melanoma of the skin and acute myeloid leukemia also is greater after successful treatment for cancer .
— According to the
American Cancer Society , cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment are generally urged to avoid vaccinations other than the flu shot , though that conventional wisdom may not be applicable in relation to the COVID-19 virus . The ACS said vaccines require an immune system response to work effectively , and cancer patients ’ immune systems may not be able to produce an adequate response to vaccines during treatment . That can make vaccines including those for COVID-19 less effective .
However , while traditionally cancer patients have been urged to avoid vaccinations during treatment , the ACS said cancer patients , due to fragile immune systems resulting from both their disease and the treatments for it , are at risk for severe COVID- 19 disease . As a result , doctors may still advise their patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccination even during treatment , as having some measure of protection against the virus may still be better than having none at all . No two cancer patients are the same , so those concerned about COVID-19 and the vaccinations against it are urged to discuss those concerns and their options with their cancer care team .
— Breast cancer treatments are highly effective , which is one reason why the National Cancer Institute can report the fiveyear survival rate for nonmetastatic breast cancer is 90 %. However , in certain situations , doctors may feel the existing standard for breast cancer treatment may not be enough to help women overcome their
disease . In such instances , doctors may discuss clinical trials with women battling breast cancer .
The American Cancer Society defines clinical trials as research studies in which people volunteer to help doctors find ways to prevent or treat disease . All current standards of treatment began as clinical trials . However , that does not mean women diagnosed with breast cancer should automatically sign up to participate in clinical trials . There are pros and cons to participating in clinical trials , and breast cancer patients can speak with their medical teams about the advantages and disadvantages of each trial they ’ re considering .
One myth worth dispelling is clinical trials are only an option for people who have been diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer . In fact , the NCI said clinical trials are available for all stages of cancer . A database of NCI-supported clinical trials can be found at www . cancer . gov / about-cancer / treatment / clinical-trials / search .

Learn about ‘ The Blue Zones ’

National geographic explorer Dan Buettner published a book in 2008 called “ The Blue Zones ,” which told of his research in five locations ( the blue zones ) where people were living to 100 or more with lower rates of diseases such as heart disease , high blood pressure , Alzheimer ’ s and dementia .
There is a group in Coshocton , started by JoLynne Owen , that began meeting on
Mondays to discuss the science and research of this lifestyle and the nine factors believed to have contributed to this phenomenon . Meetings are being held Mondays at 6:30 p . m . at different locations each week and are open to everyone in the community .
Those interested in attending the remainder of the meetings or to get more information can call Owen at 740-610-8735 .


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