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THE BEACON 19 OCTOBER 17, 2018 Shroyer shares breast cancer survivor story By Josie Sellers COSHOCTON – Becky Shroyer has always been diligent about getting her annual mammogram and that is a big reason why she is alive today. “Early detection was the key,” said Shroyer, who is a breast cancer survivor. In 2015, a spot showed up on her mammogram that caused concern and she went back for a second one. Shroyer then went to Knox Community Hospital for further testing. “Th ey did a sonogram and saw it right away,” she said. “Th ey asked if I could stay for a biopsy and when they drew fl uid out I could tell from the look on their face that something wasn’t right.” Shroyer was diagnosed with cancer in May 2015 and met with a nurse navigator who was there to answer any questions. “It was stage 1, but triple negative,” she said. “Th at meant it was very fast growing and can come back quite frequently.” Shroyer and her husband had planned a trip to Alaska and her doctor encouraged her to go and come back and start treatment. “We took a week-long cruise and then stayed a week,” she said. “I just blocked it all out. We had fun and were amazed by the beauty God created.” When they returned Shroyer had her lumpectomy. “My grandson Zane (10-years-old) told me to look at my surgery as getting tubes put in my ears – it won’t be that bad,” she said. “He knew how upset I was and Josie Sellers | Beacon Becky Shroyer has been cancer free for three years, three months and 11 days. F s ’ l t o e w n ers n i L thought that would calm me down and it worked.” After surgery, she had 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments. “Because it was triple negative they wanted to hit it hard,” Shroyer said. Losing her hair was the hardest part of her treatment. “When my hair was gone I was bummed,” Shroyer said. “My hair was so thick and now it’s baby fi ne, but that’s a small price to pay.” She also made sure she prayed before each time she received chemo. “It gave me peace of mind,” Shroyer said. In April 2018 she got the all clear and has now been cancer free for three years, three months and 11 days. She has to go back to her oncologist every six months, but after this visit will be able to start going yearly. “My faith got me through,” Shroyer said. “I don’t know how anyone could do it without God.” She also couldn’t have gotten through it without the support of friends and family, especially her husband Gary and her daughter Kristy who went to every chemo appointment with her. “Knox Community Hospital couldn’t have been better to us,” Becky said. “Th ey treated Kristy and Gary just like family and the nurse navigator was unbelievable. She told me exactly when I’d lose my hair and she was right.” Becky encourages all women to get their mammo- grams and those currently battling breast cancer to stay positive. “In the blink of an eye your life can change due to a disease,” she said. “Your goals, dreams and priorities are forced to take diff erent turns. You are grateful for little things and worry less about the big things. You leave behind the history of yesterday and try to fi gure out how you will use today’s energy.” Have YOU scheduled your mammogram ? On The Square Ltd. Fighting the Fight... 248 Main Street • 740-622-5171 www.linnetsfl EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES! Taylor Insurance Trinity Hospical Twin City of Dennison. Visit for more information. and Financial Services The right coverage makes all the difference. In Honor of Jim Eckelberry Let our team protect you. 777 S. Second Street • Coshocton 740-623-2207 • Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5:30 PM The American Cancer Society recommends women have yearly mammograms starting at age 40. Talk to your doctor today, and choose the digital, mammography service at A doctor’s order is needed to have a mammogram. Call (740) 922-7405 to schedule your appointment In honor of my sister Karin, co-worker Sharon Garrett and my best friend Jo.