The Coshocton County Beacon October 17, 2018 - Page 11

OCTOBER 17, 2018 THE BEACON 11 JACKSON TOWNSHIP 2018 UPDATE In lei of printing a newsletter and purchasing postage for the entire township mailing list, we thought printing the newsletter in a publication such as The Coshocton County Beacon would be more cost effective and still accomplish our goal of communicating with our residents. TRUSTEES: Bill Bowen 622-2770 Greg Rice 622-8700 Rick Conkle 824-3096 FISCAL OFFICER: Shelly Webb 622-6980 FYI-The City of Coshocton will be extending their city water services to a few residents just outside the city limits on State Route 541 as well as to the residents of Hillsdale Drive. FIRE DEPARTMENT FACTS: JACKSON TOWNSHIP FIREFIGHTERS RESPOND TO APPROXIMATELY 70-110 CALLS PER YEAR ON AVERAGE. • The fire department currently has 23 active volunteers. • To date since its’ inception, the fire department has received $735,000 in grants from the State Fire Marshal Office (STFM), Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant (AFG) and various other grant programs. Chief Bill Bowen and Linda Bowen oversee the grant writing and application process for this funding. • Jackson Township Fire Dept. operates as a Class 5/8B ISO rating for homeowner insurance information. • The department has 4,650 gallons of available water in station, and provides statewide mutual aid. PAVING & ROAD WORK: Truck #804 Sutphen Pumper/Tanker 1250 GPM, 1800 gallon, 5 seats; Truck # 807 Spartan Pumper 1500 GPM, 1100 gallon, 8 seats; Truck #803 Grumen Pumper 1250 GPM, 1000 gallon, 3 seats; Truck # 805 4 Guys Pumper 1000 GPM, 500 gallons, 2 seats; Truck #808 Chevrolet Brush 250 GPM, 250 gallons, 5 seats; UTV Kubota, 16’ Boat with 25 horse power jet motor. • All Jackson Township Fire trucks are maintained and repaired under the direction of Chief Bill Bowen. Maintaining fire equipment can be costly, and this saves the township an enormous amount of money annually. • The fire trucks are all outfitted with the updated MARCS radios and also the station has 14 portable MARCS radios as well. ACCOUNTING: • CURRENT EQUIPMENT INVENTORY INCLUDES: The township has acquired approximately $250,000 in Ohio Public Works Commission Funding through the County Engineer’s office since 2008, Trustee Greg Rice oversees this endeavor for the township and is presently working on funding to secure additional improvements for next spring. The township operates under the State of Ohio’s, Uniform Accounting Network System (UAN) for all accounting, budgetary, and reporting. The 2015-2016 bi-annual audit was completed earlier this spring and there were no findings or issues reported. CEMETERY INFORMATION: Jackson Township currently holds ownership of three cemeteries, “Blooming Grove”, “Antioch” and “Branch”. These cemeteries are maintained and mowed from April-October unless weather dictates otherwise. Blooming Grove and Antioch are no longer active cemeteries, however Branch is still active. The township maintains possession and ownership of the ‘Township Hall’ building, located in Roscoe Village The Township currently owns the following: and the Township Garage/Building • F450 with Plow and Spreader located on SR 541 and the Fire House. • F550 with Plow and Spreader With the exception of the Fire House, the properties are currently rented, • MX110 Case and Boom Mower however the township uses portions • Dresser Road Grader of the rented buildings per the Ohio • MF 4235 ditch mower Revised Code. The Township Hall • Road Drag is currently leased by Ohio State of • Case Backhoe Mind and the Township Garage is The bins are full of salt, cinders and limestone and are ready for winter. Although we still have currently leased to Natural Relief Inc. a good amount of fall weather to enjoy, as the winter season approaches, please be mindful and cautious when driving. Large interstates and highways will normally be in better condition than our Jackson Township Voting Precinct back roads due to the amount of traffic they see, as well as the amount of revenue available with is located at the Roscoe United which to treat the state roads. Remember to accelerate slowly, decrease your speed, allow longer Methodist Church Building. braking distances and don’t let four-wheel or all-wheel drive give you a false sense of security. TOWNSHIP EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY: If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact a trustee or the fiscal officer at your convenience.