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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic , we are not going to have our annual Variety Show .
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Did you know Coshocton County had a war chest ?

Question : What two words were often used in the English language to mean a fund accumulated to finance a war ? Give up ? The answer is a war chest , and we had one right here in Coshocton County . This patriotic fund was earmarked for the specific purpose of contributing money in a time of crisis , that crisis being World War I .
Here is Coshocton ’ s War Chest Report :
“ It is impossible to secure an accurate list of those who are exempted due to their entering the service such as the Army or Navy . In the case of minors , who pledged uniformly on the basis of $ 2 per paycheck , they too are exempted from further payment . Every care has been made to make this report as nearly accurate as possible ,
Carole Etchells Cross
Between the Bookends
but in some cases error has been unavoidable . In some cases , money was turned in under an entirely different name , so we ask your indulgence if any error may have occurred in your account .
“ All the appropriations of funds have been made in open meetings , and after careful investigation by the Nation Investigating Committee , we are sure the funds have found the place for which they were intended . More than 100 applicants for funds were rejected because of insufficient information . Every precaution has
This patriotic fund was earmarked for the specific purpose of contributing money in a time of crisis , that crisis being World War I .
been taken to carry out the trust imposed on the board of control .
“ In conclusion , we think it may well be said that Coshocton , Ohio may be proud of its patriotism , of its loyalty to America , and its desire and determination to meet any and all demands of the government which would serve the nation in the Great War crises . As a community with unity of purpose and spirit of co-operation , Coshocton has stood the test , and we believe has set a real example in practical patriotism .” End of report .
Back in WWI , as well as in WWII , when men went off to fight , women were called on to take their place , but their role was restricted to nursing , teaching and domestic labor . There are photographs of women working in factories and driving trucks and ambulances . Many women left lowpaying jobs for higher paying jobs in munitions and other war-time jobs that had employed only men .
Most women returned to their homes when the war ended . More than 65 million men fought
in WWI . Learn about personal accounts when searching for an ancestor who may have been one of the 128 American passengers on May 7 , 1915 , when the SS Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland . Or learn more about German messenger dogs who carried orders to the front line in capsules strapped to their bodies .
Finally , at 11 a . m . on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 , the guns of WWI fell silent . As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII , it is imperative we preserve the legacy of those who defended our freedom . WWII ended following the formal surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay on the deck of the USS Missouri .
For those still living , it ’ s critical to find as many answers to your genealogical questions before we lose those precious memories that changed the world — a story that is more relevant today than ever .
Editor ’ s note : Between the Bookends will now appear twice a month in “ The Beacon ” instead of weekly .




Due to the COVID-19 pandemic , we are not going to have our annual Variety Show .
That event raises about 80 % of the Club ’ s budget – which is then given to many groups and organizations in the community .
The club is asking for donations of gift cards and / or gift certificates to your business – the raffle will be held on Nov . 17 !
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A Warsaw Lions Club member will come and pick up your contribution if needed .