The Coshocton County Beacon October 11, 2017 - Page 19

OCTOBER 11, 2017 THE BEACON 19 4-H members practice speaking in non-competitive event By Beth Scott COSHOCTON – Th e Coshocton County Fair is a time when youth and adults alike can showcase their talents, whether by showing an animal or displaying crafts and baked goods. But the fair is also an opportunity for young 4-H members to showcase their public speaking talents. On Tuesday, Oct. 3, nine 4-H students stood in front of an audience and gave their speech about what this year’s 4-H theme, “Th e Time of Our Lives” meant to them. Two cloverbuds also gave their 4-H pledge publicly. “We want them to gain confi dence and learn good grammar and poise in front of an audience.” - Jean Haumschild “We want them to gain confi dence and learn good grammar and poise in front of an audience,” said Jean Haumschild, committee member. “Th ere are so many places you have to get up and speak. We’re trying to prepare them for a career out in the public. When you get a job, no matter what job it is, you have to run meetings and have poise. In this competition, they are getting to talk about something they love and we let them choose their own theme.” In June, 4-H members can participate in a competitive speaking event that de- termines whether or not they qualify for state. In July, they have a demonstration where they can work as a team or individ- ually, and the one at the fair is just for fun. “Th is is just an extra opportunity for kids to work on a life skill as they go into high school, college, and eventually a career,” said Haumschild. Josie Fornara gave her 13th speech and compared 4-H to the movie “Dirty Dancing”. William Fortune gave his third speech on his favorite 4-H memory. Con- ner Webster gave his eighth speech about what the 4-H theme means to him. Kiera McPeck gave her sixth 4-H speech and talked about how she used her time wisely in 4-H. Th is was Emma Ward’s fourth speech in 4-H and she spoke about what her club did to celebrate the theme. Piper Andrews’ fourth 4-H speech was about the fun time she had at 4-H camp. Lydia Black gave her second 4-H speech on what this year’s 4-H theme means to her and what she learned in 4-H. Caleb Kline also gave his second 4-H speech about having the time of his life in 4-H. Kyra Weaver gave her fi rst ever 4-H speech about the 4-H theme. Lisa Lupher and Courtney Lupher served as judges. “When we’re judging, we look for well-prepared speeches,” said Courtney. “We want to see if they have practiced their speech and feel comfortable speak- ing in front of an audience. Also, they have a certain time limit and we check to make sure their speech fi ts within that time limit. We also look at how often they used their index cards during their speech.” Your Greatest Asset is your Health! Nutritional and Cook Books • Gluten-Free Foods Essential Oils • Penta Water & Herbal Teas BPA-Free Gallon Bottles • Weight Loss Products Ear Candles • Workout Supplements Beauty Care Products • Chlorine Removing Showerheads • Vitamin/Mineral Supplements • Bulk Seeds, Grains, Nuts GIFT CERTIFICATES Beth Scott | Beacon 4-H members gave speeches during the 4-H Speaking Opportunity at the Youth Building on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at the fair. Pictured from left are: Caleb Kline (superior award), Lydia Black (excel- lent award), Piper Andrews (excellent award), Kyra Weaver (very good award), Very Good awards went to Conner Webster, Emma Ward, Kiera McPeck, Kyra Weaver, and William Fortune. Excellent awards went to Piper Andrews, Lydia Kiera McPeck (very good award), Emma Ward (very good award), and Conner Webster (very good award). Not pictured are Josie Fornara (excellent award), and William Fortune (very good award). Black, and Josie Fornara. Superior awards went to Caleb Kline. Did you know? • 60,000 copies of The Coshocton County Visitor’s Guide were printed in 2017 • The CVB Guide is distributed to travel centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and locally • The CVB Guide features Attractions, Dining, Hotels & Things to Do in Coshocton County Want your business featured? Marilyn’s Natural Foods Contact The Beacon today! 430 Main Street, Coshocton • (740) 622-6792 Serving Coshocton’s health needs for over 40 years Clinical Nutritionist on staff Vi sit Coshocton County 740-622-4237 Find 226 Main Street Coshocton email: CCB_001_101117 Your Adventure