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Council agrees to resubmit DORA application

By Tara Gracyk
Residents will want to mark their calendars for the city of Coshocton ’ s Christmas Parade on Friday , Nov . 19 . This was just one of the topics discussed at the city council and committee meetings that took place Oct . 25 .
There will be some street repairs taking place soon on Oak Street and North Tenth Street , for example . In addition , council members agreed to resubmit the DORA application in an effort to follow the appropriate process such as having twoconsecutive public hearings . Council also brainstormed resolutions to the accident that took place in Roscoe Village when a vehicle was coming down Hill Street , lost control and hit the exterior of the Warehouse Restaurant .
Mayor Mark Mills expressed the desire for public safety without interfering with business and proposed the idea of making Hill Street a oneway street but allowing residents the ability to travel both directions .
Council also is in talks about creating or amending an ordinance to make it so residents who have campers must cover their camper with a tarp , not have electric or water running to the camper and

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BF-00524845 not have people living in the camper . Property code investigator Jeff Corder said if an automobile is not licensed or operable , it should go , and the same should apply to campers . He went on to say campers should be livable , registered and movable .
Council further discussed the need to be more specific regarding farm animals in town . According to council members , some residents have been complaining about chickens being in town because of roosters waking them up at night making noise . Councilman Roger Moore said if council isn ’ t going to allow horses in city limits , then chickens should not be allowed either .
Council members also conversed about the complaints Mills receives regarding the lack of parking on Main Street . According to Mills , businesses have even called and complained about their customers not being able to find parking spots . Mills said the only option he sees at the moment is to install parking meters but said he has not received favorable feedback to that idea .
The next council meeting will take place Monday , Nov . 8 at 7 p . m . The committee meeting will begin at 5:30 p . m . Residents who have feedback or who desire to express their opinions on the topics being discussed can reach out to their council person .

Coshocton releases its leaf-collection schedule

The City of Coshocton released its leaf-collection schedule . The following schedule will be in effect for this year and will be followed as closely as possible , weather permitting .
The south side of Walnut Street to the city ’ s south corporation line , between Zero Street and Conrail Railroad , is zone one . It was started Nov . 1 and 2 . Zone two , the north side of Walnut Street to
Sycamore between Water Street and Sixth Street , was started Nov . 3 and 4 .
The rest of the schedule includes the following :
— Friday , Nov . 5 and Monday , Nov . 8 : zone three , the north side of Walnut Street to the city ’ s north corporation line between Sixth Street and the city ’ s east corporation line .
— Tuesday , Nov . 9 ; Wednesday , Nov . 10 ; and Friday , Nov . 12 : zone four ,
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Eternals ( PG-13 )
BF-00535810 the south side of Walnut Street to the city ’ s south corporation line , between Ohio Central Railroad and the city ’ s east corporation line .
— Monday and Tuesday , Nov . 15-16 : zone five , the south side of Walnut Street to the city ’ s corporation line , between Conrail Railroad and Ohio Central Railroad .
— Wednesday , Nov . 17 : zone six , Roscoe Village .
This schedule will be repeated until mid-December , weather permitting . Place only leaves close to the curb between the curb and the sidewalk ( not in the road ). Leaves will not be picked up if piles contain limbs or branches .

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