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MARCH 10 , 1957
Stones Grill , 517 Main , had recently begun a massive remodeling project . Expected to be finished April 1 , the remodeling saw many external and internal changes . A modernized recessed business was installed . A total renovation happened inside . Modern-style booths and barstools were installed as was a new acoustic style ceiling and flush lighting .
MARCH 5 , 1967
Yesterday saw more than 400 Boy Scouts and 1,500 spectators come to Coshocton in order to attend the Yandata District of the Muskingum Valley Boy Scout Council ’ s Expo ‘ 67 . Twenty-four scouting groups gathered at the National Guard Armory to demonstrate basic scouting techniques to those in attendance . From half-past-noon to 8 at night , they showed fire starting , first aid , and many more activities and skills .
MARCH 5 , 1977
Wade Corder , Doug Jewitt , and Dave Guilliams were heading to the state wrestling finals . Following his victor over Dave Melynk of Bellaire , Corder claimed the District Champion title . The 138-pound Redskin pinned Melynk in the final match of the District Tournament on Saturday . Tri-Valley ’ s Jewitt and Black Bear Guilliam both finished as runner-up in their weight class .
MARCH 8 , 1987
This year , the Girl Scouts marked their 75th anniversary . Over the course of the week , a variety of activities were planned . On the 12th , area scouts celebrated the organization ’ s 75th birthday with a recitation of the Girl Scout Promise and a prayer delivered by Reverend Carol Cutting of Grace United Methodist Church , and a life-long member of the Girl Scouts . An address by Judge C . Fenning Pierce and readings by cadets and senior scouts closed the day .

Christian school works cardio drumming into Crunch for Health program

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By Josie Sellers josie @ coshoctoncountybeacon . com
COSHOCTON – Coshocton Christian School gym teacher Cathy Ames put her own spin on United Way ’ s Crunch for Health program and the students loved it .
United Way provided exercise balls for fourth graders to use in their physical education classes . The balls also came with a journal showing the students ways to exercise with them and provided them nutritional tips . Ames added to the program by having cardio drumming instructors come to the school and show them yet another way they can exercise with the ball .
“ I combined a couple of our gym classes and we were able to have everyone in kindergarten through sixth grade participate ,” she said . “ What I saw with it was hand-eye coordination , movement , cooperation because we had to pair a couple of kids up and them having fun . You can even add cardiovascular by having them run a lap or two and then come back to the balls .”
Another part of cardio drumming that Ames liked is that it made her students use both sides of their brain .
“ When you do this it ’ s been proven that math , music and reading skills improve ,” she said .
Diana Riggs said her students loved the cardio drumming .
“ The first graders asked if they had their full gym time ,” she said . “ It didn ’ t feel like it to them because they were having so much fun .”
Ames was impressed with how the instructors were able to make up a cardio drumming routine for the kids to music she provided .
“ I put in Hawaii Five-O , which they said they didn ’ t know , but they picked up the beat and made a routine the kids were able to follow ,” she said . “ They did an excellent job teaching the kids .”
Ames started teaching gym in 1972 and said at that time there was a lot of focus on team sports and physical
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Students at the Coshocton Christian School recently learned how to cardio drum .
fitness testing . There also was a time when girls were taught by a female teacher and boys were taught by a male teacher , but now everyone is in the same class . Another noticeable difference is in the use of technology .
“ Technology has added to PE as well with pedometers ,” Ames said . “ Students get immediate feedback at the end of class with the number of steps accomplished and pedometers can calculate calories burned . There have been a lot of changes over the years , but it all boils down to the same basics . It ’ s just like other classes . You teach them activities and skills and they have to put them info application .”
It ’ s helpful though to add in a new way every now and then to accomplish your goals .
“ The kids had a riot ( with cardio drumming ) and had fun while still learning ,” Ames said .
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All information was obtained from microfilm of the Coshocton Tribune at the Coshocton County Library .
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