The Coshocton County Beacon March 28, 2018 - Page 14

14 THE BEACON THE ROAR MARCH 28, 2018 voice of the students Kellie Bilyeu | The ROAR Senior Brooke McHugh was honored on senior night at Coshocton Christian School. She is pictured center between her parents, Benjamin and Carolyn McHugh. Contributed | The ROAR Mr. Z poses with Wiley Principal Stanley Zurowski takes time out of cheering on the Wildcats to pose with Wiley, the school mascot. Lillie Wright served as the mascot for the 2017-2018 season. School board working on 2018-2019 calendar By Karah Bilyeu COSHOCTON - Several matters were discussed that would help improve school security during the most recent meeting of the Coshocton Christian School Board. Th e school and the church, Coshocton Chris- tian Tabernacle, now have additional security in the gym and church. With the upcoming year right around the corner, the school is trying to create the 2018-2019 school calendar. Th e school has been consulting with other districts to create the best possible calendar for the students. In an eff ort to help cover costs, the board voted to increase tuition by three percent. Coshocton Christian School has also approved a new student for next fall. Th e school has begun reenroll- ment for students attending and is encouraging other students to come join the school. Th e board has also updated staff contracts allowing for the best education provided for the students. Coshocton Christian School held an open house for preschool and kindergarten on Tuesday, March 20. Th e preschool classes are considering an all-day program. Th e board is praying about what is best for the school in this matter and it may be approved in the future. Finally, the school is discussing the idea of hiring a part time IT employee. Senior Brooke McHugh honored Kellie Bilyeu | The ROAR Pictured in center is senior Victoria Stevens on senior night at Coshocton Christian School. Stevens served as the point guard for the Lady Wildcats. She is pictured here with her parents Zack and Janae Stevens. Tori Stevens honored at senior night By Kellie Bilyeu | The ROAR By Kellie Bilyeu COSHOCTON - Outgoing senior for the Lady Wildcats, Brooke McHugh, has played basketball for fi ve years and volleyball for four. Her hobbies include art, crafts, baking, eating what she has baked, and sleeping. Th e thing that she will miss the most is her teammates, and how they have been very supportive of her. Th e thing that she will miss the least is all of the practice. She would like to thank her teammates and her sister for being very supportive. Her advice to younger classmen is to stick with it. Even when it is frustrating just do your absolute best. his coaches who have always been supportive. COSHOCTON - Tori Stevens is a homeschooled senior who plays for the Coshocton Christian Lady Wildcats basketball team. She has played basketball at the school for fi ve years and volleyball for three. She was the point guard for the 2017-2018 season. Some of her hobbies include hiking, playing the pia- no, drawing, and hanging out with her friends. Th e thing she will miss the most is her basketball team and all of the fun times they have had together. Th e thing she will miss the least is all of the pressure to have everything fi gured out in her life. After high school, she wants to pursue a degree in social work and minor in Spanish. Her advice to younger classmen is just to apply your- self and do your absolute best. Senior players honored Wildcat basketball senior night was well-represented with these four outgoing players. Pictured left to right are Hunter Hamilton, forward for the Wildcats; Austin Hill, small forward for the Wildcats; Victoria Stevens, point guard for the Lady Wildcats; and Brooke McHugh, small forward for the Lady Wildcats. These players will be sorely missed in the hallways and on the court at Coshocton Christian School. Contributed | The ROAR