The Coshocton County Beacon March 28, 2018

FREE! POSITIVELY COSHOCTON COUNTY! The Beacon Coshocton County’s locally-owned newspaper w w w.coshoc FOR READING Staff | Beacon COSHOCTON - Students at Sacred Heart School nailed their sacrifi ces for Lent to a wooden cross as part of a school-wide religion class project. “During this time we are encouraged to sacrifi ce some- thing important to us, to help us connect to the sacrifi ce and suff ering Jesus did for our salvation,” said Mary Ko- bel, school principal. “Sacred Heart students have given up things like sweets, ice cream, video games, pop, and television.” Sacred Heart School students also attend Stations of the Cross during Lent, which spans the 40 days before Easter. “Th is is an opportunity to walk with Jesus and un- derstand the suff ering he endured for us,” Kobel said. “Students are also able to connect Jesus’ suff ering to the suff ering and sacrifi ces they are expected to make in their daily lives. School students have daily Lenten prayer services as a group to learn about Jesus’ sacrifi ce as well.” The Beacon w w w.coshoc Congratulations State Champions Hopewell Indians! Warsaw fourth grader featured on Columbus news See page 17 March. 28- April 3 2018 Volume 10 Number 48 Sacred Heart students nail Lenten sacrifi ces to cross THANKS FREE! By Josie Sellers Josie Sellers | Beacon Pictured sitt ing behind the cross are fourth grader Bridget Kobel and second grader Ava Hall and in front of them seated on the fl oor are kin- dergartener Braelynn Mitchem and second grader Owen Garabrandt. WARSAW – Katie Walser is the only one in her school with cerebral palsy (CP) and that can make a young child feel alone. “It was a bad feeling, but this year I feel normal,” said the Warsaw Elementary School fourth grader. Seven months ago, Walser started her own YouTube channel. In the videos she discusses serious and fun SEE FEATURED ON PAGE 15 Taking Appointments Now FOR SPRING CLEAN UP! • Residential & Commercial Mowing • 12 Month Contract Available • Mulching • Spring Cleanup • Storm Cleanup 0024_032818 T H AT ’ S O U R G UA R A N T E E ! Fully Insured • References Available Call today for a FREE estimate! Dane Unger DK & Pavers & Walkways • New Installations • Lawn Fertilization Programs • Weed Control • Keith Eubanks Custom Landscape Design • Dane Unger: 740-502-2004 • Keith Eubanks: 740-502-2434 •