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Are you concerned about what is best for your needs & goals ?
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Two crews at Richard Downing Airport refuel planes as the pilots of the Air Race Classic stop to refuel and grab

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Beth Scott | Beacon a quick snack before heading to Indiana during their 2017 cross country race .

Airport welcomes Air Race Classic pilots

By Beth Scott beth @ coshoctoncountybeacon . com
COSHOCTON – On Tuesday , June 20 , Richard Downing Airport welcomed pilots of the 41st annual Air Race Classic . Pilots from the all-female cross country aviation race were greeted with a warm welcome as approximately 30 of the 52 airplanes entered into this year ’ s race landed at the airport to refuel their planes .
The first plane landed at approximately 11 a . m . with Alyssa Harvey from Purdue University on board as the co-pilot .
“ It feels really cool to have this experience and to fly across the country and to share it with a bunch of other women ,” she said .
She said that flying is something that has no comparison .
“ It ’ s gorgeous first of all ,” she said . “ It feels like the possibilities are endless . Flying is a challenge and I love that about it . It challenges you as a pilot and as a person .”
The pilots took off from Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland on Tuesday morning and planned to celebrate the end of this year ’ s race at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport on June 23 . They planned to make stops in Indiana , Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , Oklahoma , Texas , and finally New Mexico . They fly at approximately 180 mph .
The pilots all hailed from various aspects of life . Some were college students while others were business professionals from California or Texas who piloted just for fun . As the crew at Richard Downing refueled their planes , the pilot and co-pilot were able to use the facilities and grab a quick snack before heading off again .
“ It was a good experience ,” said Bethel Toler , airport administrator . “ It was kind of intense there for a while with refueling . We had two stations set up , one on the north ramp and one on the south ramp to make refueling go quicker .”
Toler said many of the pilots commented on how well the whole process was organized .
“ The good thing is when you hear them come in and talk , they complimented us on how well organized we were ,” he said .
This year ’ s course covered 2,648 miles . For more information on the Air Race Classic , see airraceclassic . org or find them on Facebook .
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6 THE BEACON June 28, 2017 Happy Hill Farm Seasonal Homegrown Produce CERTIFIED ORGANIC John Jr. & Ruth Miller 29575 T.R. 469 Fresno, OH 43824 1 mile west of Pearl Valley Cheese Phone: 740-545-7536 x1 WELLS ADVISORS FARGO Retirement Income Strategies Are you concerned about what is best for your needs & goals? Joshua G. Fisher, CRPC® Senior Vice President - Investments 250 2nd St. N.W. New Philadelphia, OH 44663 330-339-6669 800-203-4934 Investment and Insurance Products:  NOT FDIC Insured  MAY Lose Value  NO Bank Guarantee Wells Fargo Advisors is the trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC Members SIPC, non-bank affiliates of Wel 2f&vb6*#"vV2f&vGf6'22&vG2&W6W'fVB4"bc30Gv7&Ww2B&6&BFvr''B&VgVVW20FRG2bFR"&6R67627FF&VgVVBw& &WF66GB&V6V666&Vf&RVFrFFGW&rFV #r7&726VG'&6R''BvV6W2"&6R6762G0'&WF66G@&WF667F6VG&V66Ф445D( 2GVW6FVR#&6&BFvr"Ч'BvV6VBG2bFRC7BV"&6R6762G2g&FRfVR7&726VG'fF&6PvW&Rw&VWFVBvFv&vV6R2&FVǒ3bFRS"'W2VFW&VBFF2V.( 2&6RFVB@FR''BF&VgVVFV"W2FRf'7BRFVBB&FVǒvFǗ76'fWg&W&GVRVfW'6G&&B2FP6B( ėBfVV2&Vǒ6FfRF2WW&V6RBFfǐ7&72FR6VG'BF6&RBvF'V6bFW vV( 6R6B6R6BFBfǖr26WFrFB26&Ч6( ėN( 2v&vVW2f'7Bb( 6R6B( ėBfVV2ƖRFR2Ч6&ƗFW2&RVFW72fǖr26VvRBfRF@&WBBB6VvW2R2BB2W'6( ХFRG2Ffbg&g&VFW&6V6''B'BGVW6F&rBVBF6VV'&FPFRVBbF2V.( 2&6RBFR6FfRV6"Ч'BVR#2FWVBFR7F2Fv֖W6F62FW2BfǐWrW6FWfǒB&FVǒFRG2VBg&f&W27V7G2bƖfR6PvW&R6VvR7GVFVG2vRFW'2vW&R'W6W72&fW2Ч62g&6Ɩf&"FW2vFVBW7Bf"gV2FR7&WrB&6&BFvr&VgVVVBFV"W2FRBB6BvW&R&RFW6RFRf6ƗFW2@w&"V666&Vf&RVFrfbv( ėBv2vBWW&V6R( 6B&WFVFW"''@F֖7G&F"( ėBv2BbFV6RFW&Rf"vPvF&VgVVƖrvRBGv7FF26WBWRFP'F&BRFR6WF&FR&VgVVƖpvV6W"( ХFW"6BbFRG26VFVBrvVFRvR&6W72v2&v旦VB( FRvBFr2vVRV"FV6R@FƲFW6ƖVFVBW2rvV&v旦VBvPvW&R( R6BF2V.( 26W'6R6fW&VB"cC֖W2f"&Rf"ЦFFR"&6R67626VR'&6V6762&r fBFVf6V&FR&V6r4U%dp445D4TErrr662F&V6FF6Х6FfVǒ667F6VG$T4U4PDp$TE0$T4U4PDp$TE0$T4U4RDr$TE0tTTT@DPtDU"tTTT@DPtDU"tTTT@DPtDU"**26W"f&W'06f&W'0vVB6PffW"R2W vVB6ffW *2W"6f&W'0vVBPGFW &@Ɩ7F@6fW'0FRffW Fw0F@&BƖ7FB6fW'0FR6Fw0F@GFW &BƖ7vVFB^( &P6fW'2W@FRFw0FBGFW FRvFW"66৖RW7@6W7@vV৖^( &PW@FPvFW"6PvV^( &PWBFPFPvFW"6R6W7@VvfW2FRvfW2VVFRvfW2sCSBSs3 6V7W&PgWGW&PFW6( @W7BV6V7W&PgWGW&PFW6( @W7@V6V7W&PgWGW&PFW6( @W7@V4PFTBPFDFTB44RFDFFDTBwwr'VFvWF&ƖG26VEfW&sC#BSS0sC#BSS0sC#BSS0TvV50TvV5TvV520W"vV@6vV@W"6W"6vV@34UD334UD5$@5@4UD5$B5B5$B5@445DC3 445DC3 445DC3 Td$U%4tTB4ФTd$U%4tTB4ФTd$U%4tTB4Ф4d e$TRԄP45TDDFV&R6VW6"6FW2&VBvFG&W0SS3pSsp( f&W'>( B( f&W'27W&6Pw&W( Ц&R&Vv7FW&V@G&FV&0bFRf&W'07W&6P2Ccv6&P&fB( f&W'>( Ю( f&W'07W&6Pw&W( &RG&FV&0&Vv7FW&V@G&FV&0bFRw&Wf&W'07W&6Pw&W2Ccv6&R&fB( f&W'>( Ю( f&W'2@7W&6P&R&Vv7FW&V@&Vv7FW&V@`f&W'0w&W2Ccv6&P&fB2vVW24@( f&V7N( Ц@FR( n( w&W( Цv&PG&FV&0bFPd427W&6PSc&VV6G&VPR6VF04( f&V7N( ЦBFPv&RG&FV&0&Vv7FW&V@G&FV&0d42Sc&VV66VFG&VRR6VF2vVW24vVW2( f&V7N( ЧFR( n( v&R( n( Ч&Vv7FW&V@`d42`Sc&VV6G&VRRԒC3b7W&6P&fFV@'7W&6PV&W b@FRf&V7@7W&6Pw&W6VFpf&V7@7W&6P6琤w&B6w&@ԒC3b'bFPV&W b@FPf&V7@7W&6Pw&W6VFpf&V7@7W&6PԒC3bख7W&6P&fFV@'&fFV@V&W f&V7@7W&6Pw&W6VFpf&V7@7W&6P&G2֖6vBf&V7@6VGWGV7W&6P6琤f&V7@G0bFW2ࣃB6w&@&G2֖6v@f&V7@6VGWGV6琤7W&6R@6琦@f&V7@G0bFW2ࣃ@&G2֖6v@f&V7@6VGWGV7W&6Pf&V7@G0bFW2ࣃ