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By Josie Sellers josie @ coshoctoncountybeacon . com
FRESNO – Kevin Ely is bringing his years of experience at Uinta Brewing Co . in Salt Lake City , Utah , to Coshocton County to create a unique experience for residents and people in the surrounding area .
Ely , his wife , brother-in-law and sisterin-law live on a farm that dates back to the 1860s and he is using part of their property to create the Wooly Pig Farm Brewery . The brewery will feature a very rustic look with a variety of wood finishes and accents that came straight from a former barn on the property .
“ Our main focus is going to be rustic German farm beers ,” Ely said . “ I spent a lot of time traveling in rural Bavaria and that ’ s where I first saw the Wooly Pigs that we now have roaming around . They are really neat and tasty . We hope to serve some products made from our pigs .”
They plan to start simple though with adding food choices to go with their beers , but hope to work up to eventually doing special dinners that would be ticketed events .
Beers offered in bottles when the brewery opens this July will include : Rustic Helles , Hoppy Pils , Schwarz Beer and Traditional Gose .

Wooly Pig Farm Brewery coming to Coshocton County

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“ You will be able to get those in half liter bottles in four packs ,” Ely said . “ We ’ ll have a cold room out here that is like a giant cooler , but it will have these heavy wooden doors .”
He also plans to work up to having 12 beers on tab .
Ely believes the Wooly Pig Farm Brewery will be a great addition to Coshocton , especially with its already well established wine trail .
“ I think this is really going to help with tourism ,” he said . “ I hope it fulfills the desires of people who want to visit breweries and creates a nice environment for them to enjoy craft beer in . Plus we are going to have an outdoor area and people love to see the wooly pigs .”
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Ely is looking forward to offering the area the best craft beer he possibly can .
“ I love this because it really is a blending of the arts and sciences ,” he said .
Ely studied the science of creating beer in college and one of his responsibilities while in Utah was to build up the Uinta Brewing Co . where he worked for nine of the last 10 years .
“ Our main focus is going to be rustic German farm beers .”
-Kevin Ely
“ It ’ s now the same size as the Great Lakes Brewing Co .,” he said .
Ely said in 1980 there were only 44


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“ Five years ago there were only about 1,700 ,” he said . “ This is a great area to add a brewery . We are in the middle of several places and have good traffic . I really like Coshocton County . The community has been very supportive of us .”
For now the brewery will be family operated , but if things go well they hope to hire one or two extra hands and give back to the community as much as possible .
For more on the Wooly Pig Farm Brewery , visit www . woolypigfarmbrewery . com or look them up on Facebook .
The brewery is located at 23631 Township Road 167 and Ely is planning on opening around Labor Day .

Museum hosting beer-food pairing dinner

COSHOCTON - The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum is hosting a beer-food pairing dinner on July 8 from 6 – 8 p . m . The dinner is comprised of five courses prepared by Chef Mike Cichon . Brew master Kevin Ely will select five beers for the pairings plus an additional beer just for fun . For each pairing , Cichon and Ely will help you identify the tastes you ’ re experiencing in the food and beer . The event will be held in the Montgomery Gallery where the Breweriana exhibit is on display . Tickets are $ 38 and Friends of the Museum , $ 35 . Paid reservations must be received by July 2 and may be made by phone or in person .
The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum is open daily from noon to 5 p . m . The museum is located at 300 N . Whitewoman Street , in Historic Roscoe Village , Coshocton . For more information contact the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum at 740-622-8710 or visit its website : jhmuseum @ jhmuseum . org .
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26 THE BEACON June 28, 2017 Wooly Pig Farm Brewery coming to Coshocton County By Josie Sellers FRESNO – Kevin Ely is bringing his years of experience at Uinta Brewing Co. in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Coshocton County to create a unique experience for residents and people in the surrounding area. Ely, his wife, broth \Z[[][\\B[[]]HۈH\H]]\XH N [H\\[\وZ\\HܙX]HHHY\B]\KH]\H[X]\HH\B\X]H\Y]Hو[\\˜[X[][YHZYHBܛY\\ۈH\K'\XZ[\\[H\X‘\X[\HY\8'H[HZY 8'H[Bو[YH][[[\[]\XH[]8&\\HH\]HHY]H]H[Z[\[ ^H\BX[HX][\KHH\BYHXXYHH\Y˸'B^H[\[\HY]Y[X\]Z\Y\]Hܚ\][X[ BH[XX[[\][BX]Y][˂Y\ٙ\Y[\[H]B\H[\[H[[YN\X’[\H[\Y\[Y][ۘ[K[H\[ܝ\ٙ\[B\XHH\ܘYY\HXH['HݙH\X]\H]X[H\H[ B[وH\[Y[\8'HHZY [HYYYHY[HوܙX][Y\[YH[ۙHو\\ۜX[]Y\[H[]Z\Z[\HZ[B][ˈ\HHܚY܈قH\ LYX\˂'[H[HXH]H[[]\\[\X8'H[HZY 8'x&[]HHH]\H]\ZHBX[\]][]H\HX]B[ܜ˸'BH[[ܚ\][ LY\ۈX[H[Y]\HHY\H]B\H[HHܙX]Y][ۈۋ\XX[H]][XYH[\XB\Y[HZ[ 'H[\\X[H[[]\\K8'HHZY 8'HH][[H\\\و[H[\]]\Y\[ܙX]\HXH[\ۋBY[܈[H[HܘYY\[\H\H[]H[]܂\XH[[HݙHYHHBY˸'B LԈ K\ٙԈ ͂^ܝ[x&\[YK H\˂LHSH MB M MYHYHYH[H ܙ]Z\ܝ\]ܚ•[\܈Y]\Y[K8(ZH\ۈXXB'\XZ[\\[H\X\X[\HY\˸'BR][[B']8&\H[YH^H\HܙX]Z\][ˋ8'HHZY [HZY[ NN \H\HۛH ]\Y\[H[]Y]\[Y\H\H ']HYX\Y\H\HۛHX]K 8'HHZY 8'\\HܙX]\XHYH]\KH\H[HZYHو]B\[X\[]HYXˈHX[BZHۈ[KH[][]B\Y[\H\ܝ]Hو\˸'B܈H]\H[H[Z[B\]Y ]Y[[^HB\HۙH܈^H[[]BXH[][]H\]X\BXK܈[ܙHۈHHY\H]B\K\]˝\Y٘\X]\KH܈[H\ۈXX˂H]\H\]Y] ͌HۋB\Y M[[H\[[ۂ[[\[X܈^K]\][H[Y\YZ\[[\ӈ HHۋR[\XB\H]\][H\[HY\YZ\[[\ۈ[HH 8$ KH[\\\\Yو]H\\œ\\YHYZZHXۋ]›X\\][[H[[X]HY\܂HZ\[\[Y][ۘ[Y\\܈[܈XXZ\[Xۈ[[B[[[HY[YHH\\[x&\B^\Y[[[H[Y\B][[H[[H[۝Y\B[\H\HH]\X[H^X]\›ۈ\^KX]\H [Y[قH]\][K KZY\\][ۜ]\HXZ]YH[H [X^HHXYHBۙH܈[\ۋHۋR[\X\H]\][B\[Z[HHۈ H KH]KB][H\]Y] ]]X[Y] [\ܚXH[YKBۋ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ۝XHۋR[\X\H]\][H] MN L܈\]]X]N]\KB[P]\][Kܙ˂۝X]YXXۂBNHB “USԒ&T‘[H ]\YBӸ&TQHшSHSTSՑT MLԐQ QTPQTX]\X]H܈\[[Y\\Y[HBY\[[[ۛXZ[˘B MMNMM8( LXZ[ ۋ L[\PY\[[[ۛXZ[˘BKQNSH NH ]\^HN SH Ό BRSHPPS“[ۈ H[H Y\H ˎNBY\ H[HXZ BY H]X[ KB\ H[\\HXZ BH HX[][ B] HZ^YYX] ˍB]\\YX][\[܈Y\HX\XZ܈ܙY]\‰P\B MM HSPQH ӂ M M