The Coshocton County Beacon June 28, 2017 - Page 17

June 28, 2017 THE BEACON 17 Canal Queen Contest set to make a come back File | Beacon The 2015 Canal queen, Kristian Meek, crowns Megan Stonebraker as the 2016 Canal queen during the Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016. File | Beacon Pictured is the 2016 Canal Royalty. Applications available July 1 COSHOCTON - Under the leadership of Chairperson Lynda Daniel, the Coshocton Canal Court Committee is pleased to announce that beginning this fall, they will be serving the Canal Royalty Contests in place of the Coshocton Royalty Advisory Committee. Since 1972, Coshocton Canal Queens (formerly the Canal Days Queen and Canal Festival Queen) have traveled the state representing our community as ambassadors for local festivals and events. The queens were joined in the 1980’s by their younger counterparts, the Canal Princess and Canal Junior Queen. Many community organizations from The Coshocton and Roscoe Jaycees, The Coshocton Towne Center Association, and most recently the Coshocton Royalty Advisory Committee have sponsored the contests. During their travels, the Canal Court promotes our community and businesses and also fosters confidence, public speaking skills and a greater appreciation for our rich local heritage among the next generation of Coshocton youth. The Canal Royalty represents Coshocton and Roscoe Village in conjunction with the Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival in October. The committee’s purpose is to con- tinue the royalty contests whose winners will represent our community and the canal era at festivals and events across the state. Above all, the committee is passionate about continuing this tradition so the next generation of Coshocton’s daughters can develop a love for our unique local history, as many others have had the opportunity to do in the past. Community members and past Canal Queens make up the new committee. If you know of a young lady who will be at least 5, and no older than 19 by Nov. 1 who is interested in partic- ipating in the royalty contest in her age range, follow “Coshocton Canal Royalty” on Facebook for updates. Applications will be available online and at the Ros- coe Visitor’s Center by July 1. Ages 5-9 will compete for Canal Junior Queen, 10-14 for Canal Princess, and 15-19 for Canal Queen. Applications are due by Sept. 15. They can be turned in at Roscoe Visitor’s Center or mailed to Coshocton Canal Court Committee, PO Box 1183, Coshocton. The royalty contests will be held on the main stage in Roscoe, Oct. 21, during the Saturday of the Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival. If you have any questions, please email them to co- Funding has been an issue in recent years, and the committee also welcomes sponsorship in any amount to help make the continuation of this tradition a real- ity. Regardless of the amount you pledge, you will be recognized in print and on stage at the contest, as well as at the Queen’s luncheon. Please contact the commit- tee through email, Facebook private message, or text 740-502-1105 if you have questions about sponsorship or donations. Contributed | Beacon