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Jen Jones | Beacon

Prairie Chapel UMC presents “ Passport to Peru ” VBS

By Jen Jones
WARSAW - The excited squeals of children could be heard throughout the church and yard as 65-70 kids gathered at Prairie Chapel United Methodist Church to enjoy “ Passport to Peru ” the church ’ s annual Vacation Bible School . From June 19 – 23 , about 25 volunteers worked hard to make sure all of the children had fun and learned about Jesus .
Edie Harris and Ashley Thomas are co-leaders of the VBS . “ We average about 65 children per night ,” said Harris . “ The numbers change each day , with kids having ball games or vacations . We welcome all children . I got a few calls from parents with special needs children and we want them to come , too .” Harris also said that they have four teenagers who are helping during the week , too . “ They seem to have as much fun as the little ones .”
“ Passport to Peru – Discovering God ’ s Good Gifts ” has five parts . All of the children are split into groups and spend about 35 minutes every evening at each section . Bible study , Kid Vid ( Videos of children who live in Peru ), crafts , games and a light supper keep the children entertained for the 2 ½ hours they attend VBS . “ Because of the time of our VBS , instead of just a snack , we serve a light supper that kids enjoy each night , like hot dogs and chicken nuggets ,” said Harris . “ On Friday , we have pizza and the children each decorate a cookie for their dessert .”
Thomas feels that VBS is important for children . “ It continues the education for children who attend church regularly and introduces Jesus and God to those who don ’ t in a fun way . It ’ s easier for kids to remember things when it ’ s fun to learn .” This is Thomas ’ third year as a co-leader . When asked why she started volunteering for VBS , she said , “ I felt a calling . I am pretty crafty and I have a young kids . I felt it was something I needed to do and it ’ s been so much fun !”
This was the first year the church created their decorations for the church . Usually , they borrow the decorations from another church ( this is common in our area ) but this year , their chosen theme was not one another church was doing . “ We started planning in February . It ’ s a lot of hard work , but the whole church is decorated with the theme and the kids love it .”
Luanne West , pastor at Warsaw UMC , loves VBS . She was teaching the “ Kid- Vid ” part of the evening and said she was learning as much as the children about Peru and the people who live there . “ VBS reaches out to children who don ’ t get to church and they all love coming . They have fun and learn so much about Jesus .” West has two granddaughters attending the VBS . One of them , Lillian , is 12 and she said the best part of VBS is being with her friends . Paige , 13 , agreed with her friend and added that the games were always fun , too . Richie , 11 , said everything they have is awesome .
Passport to Peru will conclude with a special service on Sunday morning , June 25 . The children will sing the songs they learned during the week and be invited to tell the congregation about something special they learned . The congregation can sing along and ice cream sundaes will be served after church .
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June 28, 2017 THE BEACON 11 Schaeferle&Schaeferle D E N TA L C A R E Matthew C. Schaeferle, DMD, FAGD Tammi Schaeferle, DMD, FAGD Husband & Wife General Dentists Drs. Matt and Tammi Schaeferle would like to welcome new patients to their new Coshocton County Dental office. Jen Jones | Beacon By Jen Jones WARSAW - The excited squeals of children could be heard throughout the church and yard as 65-70 k G2vFW&VBB&&P6VVFVBWFF7B6W&6FV( 77'BFW'^( FR6W&6( 0Vf6F&&R66g&VP( 2#2&WB#RfVFVW'2v&VB&@FR7W&RbFR6G&VBgVBV&VB&WBW7W2VFR'&2B6WF2&P6VFW'2bFRd%2( vRfW&vR&W@cR6G&VW"vB( 6B'&2( FPV&W'26vRV6FvFG2bЦr&vW2"f6F2vRvV6P6G&VvBfWr62g&&VG0vF7V6VVG26G&VBvRv@FVF6RF( '&266BF@FWfRfW"FVVvW'2v&RVpGW&rFRvVVF( FW6VVFfP2V6gV2FRƗGFRW2( Ю( 77'BFW'R( 2F66fW&rvN( 0vBvgG>( 2ffR'G2bFP6G&V&R7ƗBFw&W2B7V@&WB3R֖WFW2WfW'WfVrBV66V7F&&R7GVGBfBfFV2`6G&VvƗfRW'R7&gG2vW0BƖvB7WW"VWFR6G&VVFW'FVBf"FR" +W'2FWGFV@d%2( &V6W6RbFRFRbW"d%27FVBbW7B66vR6W'fRƖv@7WW"FBG2VV6vBƖPBFw2B66VVvvWG2( 6@'&2( g&FvRfRBFP6G&VV6FV6&FR6Rf"FV FW76W'B( ХF2fVV2FBd%22'FBf 6G&V( ėB6FVW2FRVGV6Ff 6G&VvGFVB6W&6&VwV&ǐBG&GV6W2W7W2BvBFF6PvF( BgVvN( 2V6W"f G2F&VV&W"Fw2vVN( 2gVFV&( F22F>( F&BV"26VFW"vV6VBv6R7F'FV@fVFVW&rf"d%26R6B( ĒfVB6Ɩr&WGG7&gGBfRVrG2fVBBv26WFrVVBЦVBFFBN( 2&VV6V6gV( ХF2v2FRf'7BV"FR6W&67&VFVBFV"FV6&F2f"FR6W&6W7VǒFW&'&rFRFV6&F0g&FW"6W&6F226খW"&V'WBF2V"FV"66VFVRv2BRFW"6W&6v0Fr( vR7F'FVBrfV''RЦ'N( 2Bb&Bv&'WBFRvP6W&62FV6&FVBvFFRFVR@FRG2fRB( ФVRvW7B7F"Bv'6rT2fW2d%26Rv2FV6rFR( ĶBХfN( 'BbFRWfVrB6B6Rv0V&r2V62FR6G&V&W@W'RBFRVRvƗfRFW&R( d%0&V6W2WBF6G&VvF( BvWBF6W&6BFWfR6֖rFWfRgVBV&6V6&WBW7W2( ХvW7B2Gvw&FFVvFW'2GFVFpFRd%2RbFVƖƖ2"@6R6BFR&W7B'Bbd%22&VrvFW"g&VG2vR2w&VVBvFW g&VBBFFVBFBFRvW2vW&RЧv2gVF&6R6BWfW'FpFWfR2vW6R77'BFW'Rv66VFRvF7V66W'f6R7VF&rVP#RFR6G&Vv6rFR6w2FWV&VBGW&rFRvVVB&RfFV@FFVFR6w&VvF&WB6WFp7V6FWV&VBFR6w&VvF66rrB6R7&V7VFW0v&R6W'fVBgFW"6W&6G'2GBbF֐66VfW&Rbf֖ǐ7VW"7V6Cd`7&v2FVGW&W0"'F0f"666V6r7W7FW'2ǒBF&R6&VBvFFW"ffW"WrFVG2ǒW&W2r3p֗767FFVVCW"v2F&fFPW6WFFVF6&R'FVb6&r&fW760W6rFR&W7BFW&0f&R6f'BB6fWG&Rv2F&&G2vP7G&fRF7&VFRFR7@&VWFgVBVF6֖W076&Rv2vF7WW& 7W7FW"6W'f6R7VW"7V6W6Vr&0U5BCf"666V6r7W7FW'2ǒBF&R6&VBvFFW"ffW"WrFVG2ǒW&W2r3pvFfW"bV'2bFVFWW&V6Rg&&W6FV7&w&2֖ƗF'FVF6W'f6RB&fFP&7F6RW"6֖R26fRG2FVF7G'2W"&fW76'WBVR&RW"f7W2#3B6'&FvR&B667FsCc#"cspwwr6֖V667F6Х&&R6VT2&W6VG0( 77'BFW'^( d%0