The Coshocton County Beacon June 10, 2020 - Page 7

June 10, 2020 botic milkers on the farm. Josie Sellers y to them,” Bill hey want to come l know though if it’s gh time for them to ing a more efficient g Bill Daugherty to , the barn is a better cows. “They have here is better venti- 0 fans,” he said. “It old facility.” o has a flush system that takes care of cleaning the walkways of manure six times a day. They also have a robot that pushes feed to the cows. Kyle Daugherty said the barn was designed to milk up to 600 cows. They were milking 132 and just hit 200 on June 4. “If Sam (his wife) and I have kids, we will be able to milk enough for all our families,” he said. “This barn will be able to carry us through our entire life.” Kyle Daugherty said he enjoys grain farming too, but you can only go so far with it. He felt his family had more opportunities to grow in the dairy industry. The new barn, however, also does help them with the grain side of the business. With the robots they don’t have to stop working in the fields to milk the cows. “We would not have done all this without someone younger coming in,” Bill Daugherty said. “In five years we might have gotten out. This was a huge investment.” The family plans to hold an open house later this summer. Beds of sand are enjoyed by cows at the Daugherty Dairy Farm. Josie Sellers