The Coshocton County Beacon June 10, 2020 - Page 12

June 10, 2020 How concerned should we be about our rights? Letter to the Editor: While I was a participant in an exercise class in another county, I asked a lady in the group to go to lunch. Anyway, in talking with her, politics became a part of our conversation. This occurred sometime in late 2017. At one point I asked her where she gets most of her news. Her response was from Facebook. So I suspiciously knew what her views would likely be. While I do not have factual proof, it would seem those who are on Facebook might very well often communicate with those who agree with them politically. I am not a Facebook person, but occasionally I click on a Facebook notification to see what is being communicated. No doubt there are some tantalizing recipes and perhaps photos of some wedding or other happy occasion. So there are some very beneficial things about Facebook, but as for me, I do not want to know everything about others’ lives or to share my own happenings. Today of this writing, I find a news story that our current president was expected to sign an executive order that could threaten punishment against Facebook, Google and Twitter over allegations of political bias. Should we be concerned about any threats to our right of free speech? Well, definitely if there would be terrorist threats or false conspiracies that some act of a massacre never occurred, I believe the information needs to be checked out. Don’t we all agree no one has a right to yell fire in a crowded theater if there is not an emergency? Reading an article that bad state data hides the virus threat as there is a push for reopening, should we consider this is perhaps true? Many of you readers may know that every president, whether a Democrat, Republican or independent, has powers that are called PEAD (Presidential Emergency Action Documents). These are little-known classified documents that are planning papers. As I understand, these documents do not go beyond what the Constitution gives him or her to do in a national emergency declaration. An independent senator from Maine and legal experts have asked an inquiry to see this administration’s documents to see what its interpretation of emergency powers contain. We will recall that when a large number of immigrants were marching toward our southern border, there was an emergency declaration. Well, President Trump used that declaration to divert funds that were for military construction projects to his wall. Likely there are some out there that think this is a good presidential power. There was some $3.6 billion of military construction projects diverted. I do not know if FDR’s attempt to increase the number of SC judges to get approval of farm support subsidies and things like banking regulations could have been under PEAD, but the plan failed the approval of Congress. How concerned should we be that a president states he has authority to force states or businesses to reopen during a pandemic? How concerned should we be that vigilantes are armed with AK rifles on state house steps or outside a business to protect reopening status? In conclusion there have been PEADS up through the ‘70s about detention of subversives, warrantless searches and the imposition of martial law. What about powers that could be to suspend postal delivery of ballots in a presidential election? Martin Baumgardener Warsaw Meet Rachel the cat Submitted Rachel is a special cat who is both a male and female. The cat is refered to as a she because her foster named her Rachel. The condition is rare, but she is healthy and happy. She’s outgoing and vocally quiet but has a way of letting you know what she wants to do. She gets along with other kitties well and likes to play. She loves a treat of canned cat food. Her adoption fee is $25. For more information call the Coshocton County Humane Society at 740-575-5829.