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4 • The Beacon July 1 , 2021
Kiwanis of Coshocton is celebrating its 100th anniversary
By Josie Sellers
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Kiwanis of Coshocton has devoted itself to changing the world one child at a time for 100 years .

The club was chartered April 29 , 1921 . One of its long-standing traditions and annual fundraisers is its Pancake Day for the community .
“ At one time we had it at the American Legion ,” said Larry Endsley , who has been a Kiwanis member for around 47 years . “ The line would form and go clear out to Main Street .”
Jerry Stenner also has enjoyed Pancake Days during his roughly 45 years with the group . “ It brings together people of all ages , and we raise money so we can give back to the children of our community ,” he said .
Stenner ’ s father was a lifelong Kiwanis member , and he followed in his footsteps .
“ It was a leadership-type situation to be in ,” Stenner said . “ I wanted to be around the prominent local bankers , lawyers and industrialists .”
Endsley was at a business meeting when he was asked to join .
“ Years ago a lot of these people you worked with in the morning had lunch here and then went back to work with them in the afternoon ,” Endsley said . “ I ’ ve enjoyed the fellowship .”
At one time in its history , women were not allowed to join Kiwanis . However , that changed in 1987 , according to www . kiwanis . org .
“ Our attendance today is mostly women ,” Endsley said . “ That change really has kept us going with being active and alive . Service clubs today struggle with attendance and membership , though . Years ago places sponsored their employees and paid for their membership . It was encouraged to be active .”
Stenner and Endsley both believe it is important to be active in one ’ s community .
“ It ’ s what makes a community a community ,” Stenner said . “ If people want to give back , this is a great group to give back with .”
Endsley said their main goal is to provide for children of the community . “ It ’ s really rewarding
Submitted Jerry Stenner is pictured enjoying time with children at a past Kiwanis Pancake Day .
for us as members to be able to do that ,” he said .
Stenner would like to see the group continue to grow and keep adding new and younger people . “ I feel we are on solid ground ,” he said . “ We have a lot of young people with good new ideas .”
Kiwanis of Coshocton meets at noon on Wednesdays at the Elks . Current officers are President Ashley Hunt , President-Elect Jenny Strickler , Vice President Jessica Paisley , treasurer Chuck Fornara and secretary Sandy Jones . Contact any officers to get more details on membership .

It ’ s what makes a community a community . If people want to give back , this is a great group to give back with .”

Jerry Stenner
Kiwanis , 1057 Pictured are those who belonged to the Kiwanis of Coshocton in 1957 . For years women were not allowed to belong to the organization .