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You can also request free in-county delivery of The Beacon online at The Beacon P O S I T I V E LY C O S H O C T O N C O U N T Y Between the Bookends Carole Etchells Cross | Contributed COSHOCTON - It’s time once again to make those new year’s resolutions we seem to keep breaking. The lega- cies of our ancestors run through our veins in our own versions of who we are. To know where we are going, we need to know where we have been. The roads of our past can often be rewarding and making a 2020 resolution to interview some of our family members is a resolution we can’t ignore. That said, beginning an interview with our older family members would be a good choice for a reso- lution since they hold memories that will disappear once they have passed on; however, you still could be fortunate enough to interview someone who knew your great-grandparents. Encourage your subjects to dig out photographs, certificates, military awards, church records, things like that, but remember you are recording memories that may or may not be a proven fact. Memories and facts are not always the same. One of the biggest mistakes you might make is following the wrong branch of your fam- ily tree. Three significant life events are critical to lead you back to the correct branch. We’re taking here about birth, death, and marriage records. Involve your siblings, aunts, cousins and document each ancestor’s contribution. Start with parents-biolog- ical, foster, guardian, stepparents and other members who played an important part in a parental role. Chil- dren could be biological, adoptive, foster, guardian, and stepchildren. For siblings, look for biological, adoptive, step, and half-siblings. 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The publisher shall not be liable for dam- ages arising out of errors in advertising beyond the amount paid for space actually occupied by that portion of the advertise- ment in which the error occurred, whether such error is due to the negligence of the publisher’s employees or otherwise, and there shall be no liability for non-insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. Classified refunds will be given only on mistakes reported during the first time the ad appears in The Coshocton County Beacon. Any reproduction without written consent of the publisher is prohibited. 2016 The Coshocton County Beacon. In light of an oral interview, be prepared with a list of questions. Don’t forget your camera/phone to take pictures of family Bibles, military papers, post cards, obituaries, citizenship papers, etc. Ask open-ended questions (who, where, when, why, how). Don’t wear out the interviewee and ask for only a little information at a time. Establish if your family member witnessed an event or was told about it later. Record the source for each item you collect. Test every theory against credible evidence and reject those that are not supported by evidence. Avoid misleading other researchers by carelessly distributing or publishing inaccurate information. Don’t forget to make copies of your interview and store them in several locations that are off site. Lastly, a per- sonal history can be written stories, video presentations and/or part of a family history book. What is important is that the results of your interview are recorded for posterity. Let’s suppose you interview a subject whose ances- tor fought in the American Civil War. This might be an unexpected turn of events from which you can grow an interesting branch of your tree. As an example, each sol- dier has their own dedicated story from which ancestry, along with the American Battlefield Trust and Fold 3 are helping interested researchers explore family trees that will leave an imprint on future generations. These three organizations mentioned above might made it possi- ble to discover a connection to the specific regiment to which that ancestor was assigned. Learn more informa- tion at Good Hunting. What’s black and white and read all over? The Beacon P O S I T I V E LY C O S H O C T O N C O U N T Y 0007_010820 JANUARY 8, 2020