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The dawn of a new calendar year often marks the end of the sometimes hectic holiday season . This time of year marks a return to normalcy for many families , as the kids go back to school and parents return to work .
The beginning of January also serves as a great time to start preparing for tax season . While the deadline to file returns may be several months away , getting a head-start allows men and women the chance to organize their tax documents so they aren ’ t racing against a deadline come April . The following are a handful of ways to start preparing for your returns now .
Find last year ’ s return . You will need information from last year ’ s return in order to file this year , so find last year ’ s return and print it out if you plan to hire a professional to work on your return .
Gather dependents ’ information . While you might know your own Social Security number by heart , if you have dependents , you ’ re going to need their information as well . New parents or adults who started serving as their elderly parents ’ primary caretakers over the last year will need their kids ’ and their folks ’ social security numbers . If you do not have these numbers upon filing ,

Deputies , troopers work together to battle war on drugs

COSHOCTON – In the evening hours of Dec . 29 , 2016 , deputies from the Coshocton County Sheriff ’ s Office and troopers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol worked together in a collaborative effort performing a drug interdiction in the community .
This targeted enforcement consisted of four hours of intense policing in areas known for drug activity . These officers initiated 70 traffic stops , out of which 16 citations were issued , one of which was an OVI . Drugs were located in a couple stops and these remain under investigation at this time . Additional drug interdictions

Find time to enjoy life

If you haven ’ t made your New Year ’ s resolution this year , consider adding more laughter to your life . Apparently , laughter really is the best medicine .
Research indicates that people who laugh a lot are much healthier and may live longer than those who don ’ t find time to chuckle . A good , deep belly laugh can provide your body and mind with a great workout . Dr . Lee Berk at the Loma Linda School of Public Health in California found that laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system . The organization Laughter Works , which teaches people how and why to laugh , says laughter can cause blood pressure to drop , blood to become oxygenated and endorphins to kick in , which can improve mood . And that ’ s just the beginning . Laughing can help reduce stress and promote stronger relationships between people who laugh together . Data indicates children around the age of six laugh the most , laughing roughly 300 times per day , while adults average only 15 to 100 laughs per day .
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Get a head-start on tax season

your return will likely be delayed and you might even be denied potentially substantial tax credits .
Gather your year-end financial statements . If you spent the last year investing , then you will have to pay taxes on any interest earned . Interest earned on the majority of savings accounts is also taxable , so gather all of your year-end financial statements from your assorted accounts in one place . Doing so will make filing your return , whether you do it yourself or work with a professional , go more quickly .
Speak with your mortgage lender . Homeowners should receive forms documenting their mortgage interest payments for the last year , as the money paid in interest on your home or homes is tax deductible . If these forms are not received in a timely manner , speak with your lender . You might even be able to download them from your lender ’ s secure website .
Make a list of your charitable contributions . Charitable contributions , no matter how small , are tax deductible . While it ’ s easiest to maintain a list of all charitable donations you make as the year goes on , if you have not done that , then you can make one now . Look for receipts
will be scheduled throughout 2017 . These targeted enforcements are just another way the sheriff ’ s office continues to battle the war on drugs in the community . If anyone has any information that they would like to share with the office , they can call 740-622-2411 , the TIPS line at 740-623-TIPS ( 8477 ) or message the office on its Facebook page .
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Perhaps you sent a lovely card , Or sat quietly in a chair Perhaps you brought food , Perhaps you sent a funeral spray If so we saw it there . Perhaps you spoke the kindest words , As any friend could say ; Perhaps you were not there at all Just thought of us that day , Whatever you did to console our hearts , We thank you so much whatever the part . Special thanks to the aides and nurses from Interim Healthcare and Interim Hospice , and all the workers at Signature Healthcare . Special thanks to Rev . Philip Hunt and Pastor Bill Jones .
By the family of Elva Booth Roger and Susan Hardesty & Families Garry Booth & Families
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of all contributions , contacting any charities you donated to if you misplaced any receipts .
Book an appointment with your tax preparation specialist now . As April 15 draws closer , tax preparers ’ schedules get busier and busier . The earlier you book your appointment , the more likely you are to get a favorable time for that meeting . In addition , if you have gathered all of the information you need by early February , then booking your appointment early means you can file earlier and receive any return you might be eligible for that much quicker .
Tax season might not be right around the corner , but it ’ s never too early to start preparing your return .
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