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January is National Blood Donor Month
By Josie Sellers
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According to www . redcrossblood . org , someone in the United States is in need of a blood transfusion every two seconds . January is set aside every year as a time to honor the donors who make it possible to help those in need .

One of the places hosting a blood drive during National Blood Donor Month was Roscoe United Methodist Church , where Bill Bible came to donate .
“ I had been a regular in the past ,” he said . “ I worked at the power plant for 40 years , and they would come in there . Earlier this year I knew there was a demand , so I decided to give .”
A lot of first-time donors are nervous , but Bible feels it ’ s a pretty easy process . “ It doesn ’ t hurt to me ,” he said . “ You shouldn ’ t be afraid .”
Brenda Barringer also came to Roscoe to donate .
“ I do it when I can ,” she said .

It makes me feel good to know I can help people in need . I think a lot of people are nervous about doing it , but I don ’ t think it ’ s that bad .”

Brenda Barringer
“ They weren ’ t taking people who had cancer , but now those who had certain types can go back . It makes me feel good to know I can help people in need . I think a lot of people are nervous about doing it , but I don ’ t think it ’ s that bad . I donated in November and was in and out in an hour .”
Another donor at the drive was Susan Match . “ I have donated in the past and wanted to get back into it ,” she said . “ It ’ s been a while .”
Heather Stamper , a volunteer at the drive , also donates blood . “ I ’ m a nurse at the hospital and heard they were looking for volunteers ,” she said . “ Since I donate and was familiar with the process , it was easy for me to jump in and help .”
Stamper started donating in 2015 when her daughter ’ s school had a blood drive . “ Donating blood doesn ’ t take much from us , but it means a lot to the people who receive our blood ,” she said . “ I ’ ve seen it first-hand .”
Blood donations can help people in a variety of medical situations . On www . redcrossblood . org , it explains cancer , trauma , sickle cell and burn patients and those with chronic diseases can all benefit from people who choose to donate .
“ I started giving blood after my sister needed blood after my nephew was born ,” Jennifer Stutz said .
The birth of a child also led Pam Mullett to donate . “ I started giving blood after needing blood after having my son ,” she said .
In order to donate blood , one must be in good general health and feeling well , be at least 17 years old in most states ( 16 years old with parental consent in some states ), weigh at least 110 pounds ( additional weight requirements apply for donors 18 years old and younger and all high school donors ), and have not donated blood in the last 56 days .
For more information on donating blood or scheduling an appointment , visit www . redcrossblood . org .
When giving a blood donation , expect the following :
n Registration : You will sign in , show an ID and be asked to read some required information .
n Health history and mini-physical : Answer some questions online or in a private interview and receive a general health check . n The donation : You ’ ll be seated comfortably while a pint of blood is drawn . The actual donation only takes eight to 10 minutes .
n Refreshments and recovery : After donation you can have a snack and a drink for 10-15 minutes before resuming your day . The entire donation process takes about an hour .
n Testing : Your blood is tested and sent to a patient in need .