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How do you think we should prepare for 2021 ?

Growing up , my folks little place was the only house on the dirt road with thousands of acres all around . From a very young age , I loved being outdoors .
I learned the different types of trees and flowers , the animals , who made which tracks , who left which scats ( don ’ t look it up if you don ’ t want to know ), which birds liked which seeds , which buds grew which weeds , which wet spots sprouted which reeds , the places where the deer would likely bed , the stone wall where the foxes would den , the white pine where the grouse would hide
Pastor Mike Jansen
Everyday God
with a brood , and when the breeze flipped the underside of the maple leaves up and that sweet smell came with it , you could count a shower not far away . The same holds true when a sound will carry clear and far : There ’ s a storm a coming . I could “ read ” the signs .
As I got old enough to drive , I learned to read other signs — road surfaces for instance . Gravel at high speeds can be slippery as marbles . Black ice is hard to see , but once you ’ re on it , it ’ s easy to feel . Hitting puddles at 60 mph lifts the tires off the road . Fresh oil and stones over 10 mph is rough on the paint . Then there ’ s those road signs : rectangle no parking signs , triangled yield signs , diamond dangerous curve ahead signs , octagon and red stop signs . Missing these signs is always a little dangerous . It ’ s always a good idea to keep an eye on the signs .
How about the signs of these times we are living in ? Pretty crazy huh ? Who would have thought you ’ d need a mask to

Alzheimer ’ s Association offers resources to help families during pandemic

Family members caring for their loved ones with Alzheimer ’ s disease or other dementia can continue to gain the support and education they need through video , telephone and online resources the Alzheimer ’ s Association now offers .
All regular services including educational programs , support groups and care consultations are now being offered through phone and video conferencing to continue to support families during this time . As always , the Alzheimer ’ s Association provides around-the-clock support for individuals living with Alzheimer ’ s disease and other dementia and their families through its community-based services , 24 / 7 Helpline and resources available at www . alz . org . The association ’ s education programs are vetted by national experts on the topic of Alzheimer ’ s and other dementias .
Clinical experts are available to create personalized care plans for local families seeking help through the Side by Side Care Consultation program . Because Alzheimer ’ s is a progressive disease , it is important for families to understand what support they need now and plan for the future .
During the care consultation , Alzheimer ’ s staff will assess the specific caregiving situation including the strengths and challenges of the person with memory loss and their primary care partner and can make referrals to community resources .
“ You shouldn ’ t have to go through this alone . Side by Side provides free ongoing support to those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer ’ s or another form of dementia . As the disease progresses , we ’ ll be by your side to discuss methods of reducing caregiver stress , involving family and friends in support , and decision-making and
care-planning options ,” said Karen Elliott , Alzheimer ’ s Association clinical manager for the Greater East Ohio Area Chapter .
To schedule an appointment for a care consultation , call Elliott at 234-284- 2750 or email kelliott @ alz . org . All consultations are free .
Alzheimer ’ s is a fatal brain disease that kills nerve cells and tissues in the brain , affecting an individual ’ s ability to remember , think , plan , speak and walk . In the United States , more than 5 million people have the disease .
For information about support groups , contact Elliott . For free Alzheimer ’ s education programs , go to www . alz . org / eastohio / helping _ you / education _ programs .
The Alzheimer ’ s Association ’ s 24 / 7 Helpline at 800-272-3900 is available enter a bank ? Most folks hardly notice the “ mask required ” signs ; they just prepare to mask up when entering a store or restaurant .
I was filling out a medical form a few weeks back . One of the questions asked me what my “ gender binary ” was , a sign I am living in a more complicated-forsome time .
The discord has been around for years , but it seems to have dramatically increased these past few months . The venting and angst reflected on social media seems multiplied a thousand-fold as we read the news out of Washington : protests , impeachment , threats , violence , even death and rumbling rumors of martial law and rebellion .
For some these signs arouse heated emotions . Others are sad . More than a few are frightened . What was to be made of these signs as we approached Jan . 20 ? I was asked more than once , “ What should we think about this ? What

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Hmm . For those who would like to believe a far from the fires , less than qualified arm chair pastor-quarterback has such wisdom to share for these times , I offer two thoughts .
Meteorologists define a “ warning ” as a condition that poses a threat to life or property and that travel will become difficult to impossible . An “ advisory ” notes conditions could become significantly inconvenienced . If caution is not exercised , it could lead to a situation that may threaten life and / or property , but it probably won ’ t get too bad . Here would be my opinionated advisory advice .
As has been evidenced for nearly a year now , my first thought is little ol ’ Coshocton will most probably be just fine . But if there surfaces a reason for regular people to turn into scared people , they then might become crazy people fast . Remember the Walmart shelves of last March ? It might not
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be a bad idea to top off the gas tank . Perhaps put enough tuna fish , spaghetti sauce and , dare I say it , toilet paper on the shelves to last a week or two . A little bit of praying and reaffirming scripture reading is not going to hurt you any either .
The other thought , trust not in politics , the impending COVID vaccine , the political party in office at the moment , the police , masks , the national guard , Smith & Wesson , quarantines , an ability to survive on a slow cooker of rabbit cacciatore or advice from some guru pastor . My trust is in the LORD . I suggest you put your trust there too .
If trusting the LORD was good enough for Jeremiah , who ended up getting hauled off to Egypt by fanatical countrymen , it will be good enough for the likes of me and you too . No matter what shakes out , we will be fine . Trust in the LORD .
for around-the-clock care . SAYLOR WEALTH STRATEGIES , LLC • 740-575-4782 401 Walnut St . • Coshocton , OH 43812 • www . saylorwealth . com