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Research can lead you to information on buildings too

In April 1822 the county commissioners of Coshocton called a meeting to discuss plans to build a courthouse . In December of that same year , it was decided the building would be a twostory 4-by-4-foot square brick construction . The contract was given to
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Charles Williams , who would paint it white with walls facing west fronting Third Street .
The new courthouse was completed in spring 1824 , and in 1830 a belfry was added .
In 1834 at the request of the county commissioners , the first bell in town was purchased in Troy , New York by William K . Johnson at a cost of $ 131 . Arrival of the bell

YOLO Winery to open in new location this spring

By Jen Jones
“ My husband , Chad , and I have been making wines and taking different hands-on wine classes over the past few years . We love creating new blends of wine to have family and friends try . We kept hearing ‘ the two of you should open your own winery .’ I guess it finally sank in ,” Wendy Guilliams said about the new winery , YOLO , they will open in the spring .
The couple purchased the YOLO Winery that was located in Dover and will relocate it to 16286 state Route 93 with a planned grand opening of April 1-3 . Real McCoy BBQ will be there , and several drawings will be held . The winery will not have food , but different food trucks will be available each weekend .
Guilliams said they will keep the most popular YOLO wines and add their own wines . “ We personally prefer dry , white wines , but two of the wines we will be offering is a peanut butter and jelly sweet wine and a jalapeno semi-sweet wine . We are in the approval process for new wines and are hoping to have that done by opening weekend .”
Guilliams said they also are in the process of getting the needed permits to sell their wines online and to ship wine around Ohio . The winery does have a Facebook page and also a website , yolowinery . com , where updates can be found .
“ I have worked with Michael White at the Yellow Butterfly Winery for the past four years . He has taught
The YOLO Winery that was located in Dover will relocate to 16286 state Route 93 with a planned grand opening of April 1-3 .
The new owners will keep the most popular YOLO wines and add their own wines .
me so much and has been a huge help throughout this whole long process ,” Guilliams said . “ We couldn ’ t have made this happen without all of his help .”
could be heard ringing for miles coming down the Ohio canal above town , and four days later it was placed in the belfry of the courthouse .
In 1853 Martin Gotleih Adams was assigned as curfew bell-ringer . He wore a black velvet cap , and at 9 p . m . every evening , every person old and young alike was required to be home , for it was not respectable to be found on the streets after that time .
Adams was born in Prussia on Christmas Day in 1796 . He died May 2 , 1860 . His obituary is interesting . It reads , “ Old gentleman Adams had a reliable clock brought over from Germany . He could be found in winter ’ s cold and summer ’ s heat going from his home on North Third Street above Locust Street to the courthouse at almost the same minute , time after
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Adams was interred in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Coshocton .
Another building was the result of a meeting conducted by a school board of education almost a hundred years later on Jan . 30 , 1931 . The building was named Washington School , and it was located at East Chestnut and 16th Street .
Contracts for the erection of the school were awarded at a wellattended meeting . E . T . Jacobs was the general contractor whose low bid was $ 29,947 . Scherrer & Thompson were the plumbers with a bid of $ 3,597 , and the Stover Electric Company of
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Coshocton won a contract with a bid of $ 1,593 .
The Stover Electric Company bid was recommended by the school architects because they thought it best to employ a local firm . The bid of Scherrer & Thompson was the lowest submitted for the plumbing work . One bid was lower than that , George Sheaf of Columbus , but the architects employed by the school board did not recommend him due to his lack of experience and equipment .
The board was hopelessly divided on the awarding of the heat contract , so it was decided to reject all bids and ask for new bids on steam heating at a later date .
In planning the new school building , the board of education kept in mind the possibility of building an addition at a later date .

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