The Coshocton County Beacon January 17, 2018 - Page 8 Space shares comments on electronic classrooms |  MEMORIES JANUARY 19, 1958 With the release of January’s issue of Clow news came offi cial word regarding the retirement of vice president J.A. “Jack” Byers. Byers retired on Dec. 31 after 38 years of service. Th e son-in-law of James M. Johnson, who helped found the company in 1878, came to Coshocton in 1919 after seven years in the Navy. His engineering skills were crucial in the de- velopment of centrifugal casting technique Clow is famous for. In 1924, Byers became chief engineer and by 1941 he was vice president and director. JANUARY 17, 1968 After receiving some of the worst weather Coshoc- ton County has ever had, some good had come of it. Freezing rain and temperatures pelted the county over the weekend with nearly four feet of snow in some parts of the county. Charles and Larry Kobel of the Kobel nursery in West Lafayette made the best of it and built what was possibly the largest snowman in the history of the county. Standing almost 13 feet tall and 28 feet wide, they built