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Adams returns home to raise family , give back to community

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COSHOCTON - Jandi Adams found it really easy to get a job when she graduated from The Ohio State University with her degree in molecular genetics .
The 2001 River View High School graduate applied to several places and soon found herself employed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as a lab technician , but she always knew she wanted to come back home .
She first came home to Coshocton County to work for Job and Family Services in the field of adult literacy .
“ I was able to start our connection with COTC and I started attending every workshop and conference I could and became an advocate for adult literacy and the GED ,” Adams said .
She soon found herself advancing to the position of state program manager for Ohio Higher Education .
“ I worked in downtown Columbus and you could feel the hustle and bustle of the professional world ,” Adams said .
However , at this time her daughter Jozie was born and she and her husband , Jared a 2002 RVHS alum , knew they wanted their children to be around family and where they felt they could find affordable , trustworthy childcare .
“ I knew when our kids were in school that I wanted to be part of that and that there would be a lot for them to do here ,” Adams said . “ We also wanted to raise them in a close knit community .”
Jozie is now 5 . They also have a son Jagger who is 3 and Jandi has a 13-year-old stepdaughter Jordan .
“ Our young kids are involved in everything ( karate , Girl Scouts , indoor and outdoor soccer , dance classes , 4-H , classes at the Pomerene Center for the Arts , the local museum and library , and Roscoe ), not to mention the best schools and preschools at extremely good prices ( compared to what my friends pay in more developed areas ),” Adams said .
When she , her husband and daughter first returned to Coshocton , Jandi went back to Coshocton County Job and Family Services , but this time she worked in the workforce development area .
“ I was able to work with all area businesses and develop leadership roles in the community ,” Jandi said . “ Jobs open in Coshocton came across my desk and I did interviewing for places like Jones Metal , WestRock and some small businesses . I got pretty good at interviewing because I knew what questions were going to be asked .”
She decided to try for one of the job openings that came through her office and was for a local nonprofit .
“ It was the kind where you wear all hats ,” Jandi said . “ It was a great experience , but I didn ’ t get the job .”
One of the people who interviewed her though thought that she would be a good candidate for another position , which is her current role as executive director of Clary Gardens .
“ It ’ s different than a lot of other nonprofits ,” Jandi said . “ It ’ s close to running your own business without actually doing that and you get to deal with different things every day .”
She admits when she started she didn ’ t know much about Clary Gardens and is not a gardening expert , but she is excited to start Master Gardener classes .
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Jandi Adams , a 2001 graduate of River View High School , is executive director of Clary Gardens .
“ It ( Clary Gardens ) also allows me the opportunity to be involved in so many other different pieces of the community like Leadership Coshocton County , Rotary and United Way ,” Jandi said . “ I ’ ve always been involved in so many different things throughout my life . Anyone can complain , but if you don ’ t like something the only way to create change is if you sit at the table .”
She also has to disagree when people say , “ There is nothing to do around here .”
“ My husband and I enjoy visiting the local breweries , going to see local bands and shows , and outdoor activities like hiking , fishing , and tubing down the river ,” Jandi said . “ We have to correct them with positives and remember to look around at what we have here . I don ’ t want to live in any place more urban or rural . I get to own a bit of my own land and get to enjoy amenities within a 10-minute drive that make Coshocton such a great place to settle – especially for a younger couple looking to get their feet wet in a community this rich in history .”

COTC autumn semester 2017 president ’ s and honors lists announced

NEWARK — Central Ohio Technical College ( COTC ) has released the president ’ s list and honors list for autumn semester 2017 .
President ’ s list : To qualify , a student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 graded credit hours and earn a grade point average of 4.00 . Only Coshocton County students are listed : Coshocton : John Shaw Honors list : To qualify , a student must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 graded credit hours and earn a grade point average of 3.50 or better . Only Coshocton County students are listed :
Coshocton : Angelia Barker , Tanner deJesu , Whitney Fender , Jarod Kaufman , Abbigail King , Diana McKee , Caley Ridenbaugh , Ashley Roahrig and Jaymie West Walhonding : Alynnza Brady West Lafayette : Erica Olinger and Antonia Rettos Only students who have granted COTC permission to release their names to the public are listed .
COTC is a fully accredited , public college dedicated to providing high-quality , accessible programs of technical education in response to current and emerging employment needs . COTC is the only technical college in Ohio operating four full-service campus locations : Newark , Coshocton , Knox and Pataskala .
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Space comments on Sen . Huffman ’ s redistricting proposal

COLUMBUS - Former U . S . Congressman and candidate for Ohio Auditor of State Zack Space released the following statement Wednesday evening , Jan . 10 , regarding State Senator Matt Huffman ’ s Congressional redistricting proposal :
“ What was supposed to be a bipartisan approach to solving the insidious use of gerrymandering has been undermined , once again , by self-interested politicians concerned only with retaining partisan advantage . This so-called reform bill not only fails to address the central flaws of Ohio ’ s current redistricting process , but actually makes the situation worse and less democratic . Unfortunately for incumbent politicians like Matt Huffman , Ohioans of all political persuasions understand that gerrymandering is eroding faith in Ohio ’ s democratic process and only serving those who draw the lines .
I stand with the vast majority of Ohioans who believe in a redistricting process that prioritizes competitive and fair elections . The people of this state deserve real leadership on this critical issue facing our democracy , not politicians hell-bent on preserving partisan gain .”
Ohio ’ s Auditor of State serves on the Redistricting Commission , which will redraw state legislative districts after the 2020 U . S . Census . Space has pledged that , if elected , he will advocate to fully depoliticize the redistricting process .
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6 THE BEACON Adams returns home to raise family, give back to community Staff | Beacon COSHOCTON - Jandi Adams found it really easy to get a job when she graduated from Th e Ohio State Universi- ty with her degree in molecular genetics. Th e 2001 River View High School graduate applied to several places and soon found herself employed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as a lab technician, but she always knew she wanted to come back home. She f'7B6RRF667F6VGFv&f""Bf֖ǒ6W'f6W2FRfVBbGVBƗFW&Ц7( Ēv2&RF7F'BW"6V7FvF4D2@7F'FVBGFVFrWfW'v&6B6fW&V6R6VBB&V6RGf6FRf"GVBƗFW&7@FRtTB( F26B6R6fVBW'6VbGf6rFFR6F`7FFR&w&vW"f"vW"VGV6F( Ēv&VBFvFv6V'W2BR6V@fVVFRW7FRB'W7FRbFR&fW76v&B( ФF26BआvWfW"BF2FRW"FVvFW"Rv2&&B6RBW"W6&B&VB#"%d2VWrFWvFVBFV"6G&VF&R&VBf֖ǐBvW&RFWfVBFW6VBfBfb&F&RG'W7BЧv'F6F6&R( ĒWrvVW"G2vW&R66FBvFV@F&R'BbFBBFBFW&RvVB&RBf"FVЧFFW&R( F26B( vR6vFVBF&6PFV66RB6VG( ФR2rRFW6fR6vvW"v20BF22זV"B7FWFVvFW"&F( W"VrG2&RffVBWfW'Fr&FRv&66WG2F"BWFF"666W"F6R672ЦW2BԂ676W2BFRW&VR6VFW"f"FR'G2FR6W6WVBƖ'&'B&66RBFVFFR&W7B662B&W662BWG&VVǐvB&6W26&VBFvBגg&VG2&PFWfVVB&V2( F26BvV6RW"W6&BBFVvFW"f'7B&WGW&V@F667FFvVB&6F667F6VG"Bf֖ǒ6W'f6W2'WBF2FR6Rv&VBFRv&f&6RFWfVVB&V( Ēv2&RFv&vF&V'W6W76W2BFRЧfVVFW'6&W2FR6VG( F6B( Ħ'2V667F6R7&72גFW6BFBFW'fWvrf"6W2ƖRW2WFvW7E&6B6R6'W6W76W2vB&WGGvBBFW"ЧfWvr&V6W6RWrvBVW7F2vW&RvrF&R6VB( Х6RFV6FVBFG'f"RbFR"Vw2F@6RF&VvW"26RBv2f"6&fB( ėBv2FRBvW&RRvV"G2( F6B( ėBv2w&VBWW&V6R'WBFF( BvWBFR"( ФRbFRVRvFW'fWvVBW"FVvFVvBFB6RvVB&RvB6FFFRf"ЦFW"6Fv62W"7W'&VB&R2WV7WFfPF&V7F"b6'v&FV2( ėN( 2FfbW&VBFBbFW"&fG2( F6B( ėN( 266RF'VrW"v'W6W72vFW@7GVǒFrFBBRvWBFFVvFFfbW&V@Fw2WfW'F( Х6RF֗G2vV6R7F'FVB6RFF( BrV6&WB6'v&FV2B2Bv&FVrWW'B'WB6R2W6FVBF7F'B7FW"v&FVW"676W2तT%r#4D2WGV6VW7FW #r&W6FVN( 2@'2Ɨ7G2V6V@Ut$( B6VG&FV666VvR4D20&VV6VBFR&W6FVN( 2Ɨ7BB'2Ɨ7Bf"WGV6VW7FW"#r&W6FVN( 2Ɨ7CFVƖg7GVFVBW7B&RV&V@f"֖Vb"w&FVB7&VFBW'2BV&w&FRBfW&vRbBǒ667F6VG7GVFVG2&RƗ7FVC667F6p'2Ɨ7CFVƖg7GVFVBW7B&RV&VBf ֖Vb"w&FVB7&VFBW'2BV&w&FPBfW&vRb2S"&WGFW"ǒ667F6VG7GVFVG2&RƗ7FVC667FvVƖ&&W"FW"FTW7RvFWfVFW"&BVf&&vrF4VR6W&FV&Vv6W&&rB֖RvW7@vƆFsǖ'&GvW7BfWGFSW&6ƖvW"BF&WGF0ǒ7GVFVG2vfRw&FVB4D2W&֗76F&VV6RFV"W2FFRV&Ɩ2&RƗ7FVB4D22gVǒ67&VFFVBV&Ɩ26VvRFVF6FVBF&fFrvVƗG66W76&R&w&2bFV66VGV6F&W76RF7W'&VBBVW&vrVЦVBVVG24D22FRǒFV666VvRW&FrfW"gV6W'f6R6W26F3Wv&667FBF66G&'WFVB&V676R6VG26VVfb( 0&VF7G&7Fr&66G&'WFVB&V6दFF2#w&GVFRb&fW"fWrv662WV7WFfRF&V7F"b6'v&FV2( ėB6'v&FV26w2RFR'GVGF&RffVB6FW"FfbW&VBV6W2`FR6VGƖRVFW'6667F6VG&F'BVFVBv( F6B( Ğ( fRv2&VVখffVB6FfbW&VBFw2F&VvWBאƖfRR66'WBbRF( BƖR6RЧFrFRǒvF7&VFR6vR2bR6BBFPF&R( Х6R62FF6w&VRvVVR6( FW&R0FrFF&VBW&R( Ю( גW6&BBVf6FrFR6'&WvW"ЦW2vrF6VR6&G2B6w2BWFF 7FfFW2ƖRrf6rBGV&rFvFR&bЦW"( F6B( vRfRF6'&V7BFVvF6FfW0B&VV&W"F&VBBvBvRfRW&RऒF( BvBFƗfR6R&RW&&"'W&vWBFv&BbגvBBvWBFVRЦFW2vF֖WFRG&fRFBR667F7V6w&VB6RF6WGFR( 2W7V6ǒf"VvW 6WRrFvWBFV"fVWBvWB6VGF2&67F'( Ф4T%U2f&W"R26w&W76B6FFFPf"VFF"b7FFR676R&VV6VBFRfrЦr7FFVVBvVFW6FWfVr&Vv&Fp7FFR6VF"GBVfb( 26w&W76&VF7G&7BЦr&6à( vBv27W6VBF&R&'F6&6F6frFR6FW2W6RbvW''FW&r2&VVVFW&֖VB6Rv'6Vb֖FW&W7FVBƗF6066W&VBǒvF&WFr'F6GfFvRF066VB&Vf&&Bǒf2FFG&W72FR6VG&"w2b( 27W'&VB&VF7G&7Fr&6W72'WB7GVǐW2FR6GVFv'6RBW72FV7&F2Vf"ЧGVFVǒf"7V&VBƗF62ƖRGBVfb2bƗF6W'7V62VFW'7FBF@vW''FW&r2W&FrfF( 2FV7&F0&6W72Bǒ6W'frF6RvG&rFRƖW2ऒ7FBvFFRf7B&Gb2v&VƖWfP&VF7G&7Fr&6W72FB&&FW26WFFfPBf"VV7F2FRVRbF27FFRFW6W 'fR&VVFW'6F27&F677VRf6rW"FV7&7BƗF62V&VB&W6W'fr'F6v( Ф( 2VFF"b7FFR6W'fW2FR&VF7G&7Fp6֗76v6v&VG&r7FFRVv6FfRF7G&7G0gFW"FR##R26V7W276R2VFvVBFB`VV7FVBRvGf6FRFgVǒFWƗF6RFR&VF2ЧG&7Fr&6W726G&'WFVB&V6