The Coshocton County Beacon January 17, 2018 - Page 11 JANUARY 17, 2018 Contributed | Beacon Elisha Hamric will take a whole new perspective on fashion back with her to Kent State University for her spring semester. The 2015 River View High School graduate spent THE BEACON 11 Contributed | Beacon the fall semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy and also traveled to New York for a gala that was part of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund. Hamric gathers fashion experiences in Europe and New York By Josie Sellers COSHOCTON - Elisha Hamric will take a whole new per- spective on fashion back with her to Kent State Universi- ty for her spring semester. Th e 2015 River View High School graduate spent the fall semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy. “I took the same classes I would have had at Kent State (in Ohio), basic Italian, toured European cities and was exposed to fashion, art and culture there,” said Hamric, a junior at Kent who is majoring in fashion design and working toward a minor in business. “Th e architecture was so interesting too because it’s so diff erent from ours and stuff you see there is so much older than our country.” Including Italy, she got to see six countries while living overseas. “Th ey were all pretty unique, but I’d say Switzerland was my favorite because it was my last trip after all my projects were done and was the most relaxed,” Hamric said. “It also was one of the more adventurous. I got to go winter kayaking and paragliding.” While her time in Europe made for great memories, it also helped her build her resume. “It was nice to just have that experience over there because a lot of companies enjoy seeing that on your re- sume and they also look to Europe for fashions,” Hamric said. “A lot of top designers start over there.” Th e experience also helped her push herself. “Th e classes over there were smaller and I got to know a l lot more people in my major and others over there,” Hamric said. “Th e professors were always trying to push us to our limits and see where we could go with our designs. It expanded my mind to all the possibilities I could do, but I think I will stick with women’s wear opposed to children’s or men’s.” She also learned more about sustainable fashion. “It’s up and rising in the fashion industry and about being good for the environment,” Hamric said. In addition to recently returning from Europe, she also took a trip to New York for a gala that was part of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund. “Th ey help push you into the right direction for your future,” Hamric said. “You are given a case study that you have six months to work on. It’s a 10 page paper and you have to make a collection.” At the gala she got to meet many professionals in the world of fashion and speak to a number of recruiters about internship possibilities. Th ese, however, are just two examples of her journeys into the fashion world. Th is past summer she also got to participate in the Los Angeles Study Tour through Kent State. “It was a three week course where the fi rst two weeks were spent learning about west coast fashion and other related fi elds,” Elisha said. “Th e last week was spent in Los Angeles where I toured the AG jeans factory and met various business professionals who discussed the fashion industry, their company and their story; profes- sionals such as Joyce Azria (Avec Les Filles), BCBG Max Azria Company, Mark Zunino (designer), and Eduardo Castro (costume designer). It was very interesting to see how west coast fashion diff ers from east coast fashion.” She wanted to be sure to thank her mom and dad Lin and Dave Hamric for helping her pursue her interest in fashion. “I always wanted to sew,” Elisha said. “I always went shopping with my mom and liked the touch and feel of fabric. It’s just something that always stuck with me and I liked drawing, which is a big part of fashion and design.” Another person she thanks for helping her along the way is Gail Piper who mentored her through 4-H. Elisha spent 11 years in 4-H and did numerous sewing projects. “Don’t let being in a small town stop you from where you want to go or who you want to be,” Elisha said. “Both studying abroad and the YMA Fashion Scholars