The Coshocton County Beacon January 10, 2018

FREE! THANK YOU LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT! The Beacon Coshocton County’s locally-owned newspaper FREE! Jan. 10-16 2018 Volume 10 Number 37 w w w.coshoc Stay safe and healthy this winter with these tips THANKS FOR READING The Beacon By Josie Sellers w w w.coshoc Support Local Law Enforcement Snowy morning Jeff Thomas, adjutant for the AMVETS Post 36 on Otsego Avenue, is pictured clearing snow from sidewalks in front of the building on Monday, Jan. 8. This week Josie Sellers | Beacon Coshocton County residents could expe- rience a litt le bit of all the elements with snow on Monday and sunshine, rain and freezing rain also predicted for this week. SEE WINTER ON PAGE 11 401 E. Main Street, Sugarcreek 101 E. Main Street, Baltic 33919 SR 643, New Bedford 0016_011018 See pages 14-15 COSHOCTON – Winter has found us, but Dr. Josef Lowe, medical director of the emer- gency department at Coshocton Regional Medical Center has some quick tips to help keep you warm healthy and safe. “Dress in layers and wear a coat,” Lowe said. “You want to cover up as much as pos- sible. Put a hat on your head, gloves on your hands and wear a scarf.” It’s also ok to take your kids out to play in colder weather or do necessary work outside as long as you aren’t out too long. “You can go out and play for 10-15 min- utes as long as you are covered up and have layers on,” Lowe said. “If you are out shovel- ing or doing other outside work you should come in every 20-30 minutes to get warmed up.” If you see someone start to shiver, you defi nitely want to get inside. “It’s the fi rst sign of hypothermia,” Lowe said. “Shivering is your body’s way of gener- ating heat.” When you come indoors some food and drinks may help you feel warm and cozy, but consuming alcohol could possibly make things worse. “If you consume a lot of it (alcohol) you tend to forget you are cold and think you can spend more time outside than you (330) 897-6401 Jason Starcher Jon Brown Vice President Asst. Vice President Chris Harstine Vice President