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McVicker live in concert in New Concord

NEW CONCORD - Mitch McVicker will be live in concert in New Concord , Saturday , March 4 , at 6 p . m . Westminster Presbyterian Church , 17 N . Liberty St ., in New Concord is hosting the internationally-acclaimed musical artist in a live concert . McVicker co-wrote the
Dove Award Song of the Year , “ My Deliverer ”, with his friend and bandmate , Rich Mullins . McVicker survived the terrible auto accident in which Mullins lost his life and it was during that long period of recovery that McVicker found his new calling . Now he travels the world bringing his original music and stories of inspiration to people .
From discovering his own amazing strength during personal crisis and recovery , McVicker wants people to know we all have the strength to come through life ’ s many storms , and that we are not alone as we move through it .
“ During my recovery , I have come to experience the Lord ’ s activity in my life ,” he said . “ My goal in concert is to point people beyond themselves . I share my faith experiences and how we are all trying to respond to God ’ s showered
Tax season is a few months away , but it ’ s never too soon to begin preparations for filing income taxes . Some people prefer to toast the New Year and then arrange appointments with their accountants , while others use the New Year as an opportunity to get organized and start compiling paperwork and tax questions . Preparing for tax time at the dawn of a new year can make the process go more smoothly in the months ahead . Here are some tips on how to prepare for the upcoming tax season .
Start a documents folder . Employers , charitable organizations , banks and other financial institutions begin mailing out tax forms from the previous year in early January . Individuals should keep their eyes open for any mail that appears to be tax-related . Store these documents in a folder that can protect any sensitive information . Such folders also make information more accessible as more and more documents arrive in the mail .
Begin collecting receipts and itemizing expenses . Many expenses are tax-deductible . These can include education costs , moving expenses , home improvements , medical expenses , charitable donations and childcare costs . Store receipts and other documentation including canceled checks with the other tax documents . These will come in handy should an audit ever be ordered .
Create a spreadsheet of important information . It is
Grace in all of our lives , through the practical and the overlooked .”
Left with double vision and other affects from his injuries , McVicker still does a heavy concert schedule but now does the type of concerts that work with his physical hurdles and still brings great joy . Since his recovery , he ’ s performed over 1800 concerts , been to 49 states and 13 countries , and has recorded 11 new albums . His latest CD / DVD , “ Live in Morton ” was released September 2016 . McVicker played a small part in the movie , “ Ragamuffin ”, based on the life of Mullins , which was released in 2013 . McVicker wrote a feature song for the movie as well .
In concert , McVicker said , “ I try to do something that is artful and good .” Mixing stories from his own life , messages of hope and plenty of humor , McVicker builds a unique , one of a kind musical experience right before your very eyes . Using everyday junk of hubcaps , a plastic pink flamingo , false teeth , kitchen mop , baby rattle , and more , McVicker records and builds the sounds into a rhythm as he tells stories and jokes then launches into song with his guitar , banjo , ukulele or some other instrument . You just never know what he ’ s going to pick up next to play . McVicker has turned his musical gift into a true art and a joyful mystery .
McVicker is the famous boy next door who just happens to be a great storyteller and a great songwriter . His concert has something for everyone , young and old . The concert in New Concord is free will offering . Info at www . westminsternc . org .
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How to prepare for tax time

Gibbs introduces bipartisan legislation to cut EPA red tape

WASHINGTON , DC – In an effort to provide clarification on the use and application of EPA-approved pesticides , Congressman Bob Gibbs introduced the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act with bipartisan support earlier today . The legislation corrects a 2009 court decision that required a duplicative and unnecessary National Pollution Discharge Elimination System ( NPDES ) permit for pesticides that have already been regulated , tested , and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act ( FIFRA ).
The bill removes the requirement for NPDES permitting for pesticides already approved by EPA for use under FIFRA , reducing bureaucratic burdens on farmers , ranchers , and local pest control agencies .
“ This is a classic example of why so many Americans are frustrated with Washington ,” said Congressman Bob Gibbs . “ Bureaucratic red tape is making it more difficult and costly for farmers to responsibly protect their crops or local mosquito and pest control agencies to safeguard public health . Requiring an NPDES permit is unnecessary . It only adds compliance costs , and no new environmental protections . FIFRA appropriately regulated pesticides for sixty years before the enactment of the Clean Water Act and has regulated pesticides for forty years after .”
Gibbs continued , “ Everyone , especially farmers , want clean water . Which is why adding another layer of regulations at the risk of public health is irresponsible . Our nation has seen outbreaks of West Nile and Zika viruses in the last few years . Rather than waiting for public health emergencies to be declared , we can give local and state health agencies the tools to prevent outbreaks before they start . I want to thank my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for recognizing the importance of this bill .”
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handy to have all financial information at the ready . Some accountants will lower their fees if people do some of the filing preparation work themselves . This can include creating a profit / loss statement on investments , or working up a tally of charitable donations . Make an itemized list of all pertinent information so it will be handy when tax-filing time arrives .
Decide on a filing option . Technology has made filing taxes much easier . Tax preparation software is available for those who choose to file their taxes themselves . There also are walk-in centers that will prepare tax-filing documents . Individuals also can visit a certified public accountant . Whatever method taxpayers choose , allow for ample time to gather information and get the taxes filed by the deadline . Leave some wiggle room in case one filing method doesn ’ t work out .
Start saving money . Although the goal is to get a refund each and every year , taxpayers sometimes owe money , which can be troublesome for men and women whose budgets are stretched thin already . Those who owed money in the past should begin saving money for tax expenses as early as possible .
Develop a good filing system . Many financial professionals will advise people to keep financial records for seven years . Any tax documents should be kept together should they need to be referenced or if an audit is ordered . Designate a filing cabinet or a box specifically for tax documents .
Tax filing season is right around the corner , and the dawn of a new year is a great time for men and women to start gathering documents and preparing their returns .
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