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HEAP Winter Crisis Program is still underway

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The Kno-Ho-Co- Ashland Community Action Commission ’ s Emergency HEAP Winter Crisis Program is currently underway .
Winter Crisis Program is a federally funded program administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency , Office of Community Assistance , and provides financial assistance to low-income households that are threatened with disconnection from their heating source or have already had service disconnected .
Households serviced by a PUCO-regulated utility are encouraged to sign up for the Percentage of Income Payment Plus Plan or an alternate budget-payment plan . Eligible households include those in disconnect status or notice of disconnection or transferring or establishing new service . Households utilizing bulk fuel must have a tank containing less than 25 % of its capacity . This year households that were diagnosed with COVID- 19 are eligible without a disconnect .
Income documentation for all household members , Social Security numbers , electric and gas bills , photo ID , proof of U . S . citizenship / legal residency for all household members , proof of disability if disabled , and other documentation must be presented .
Income guidelines are based at 175 % of the Federal Poverty Level . For a family of four , the annual income must be at or below $ 45,850 .
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Income also may be calculated using the past 30 days , which for a family of four is at or below $ 3,768.49 . Those wishing to enroll in PIPP Plus have a lower incomeeligibility threshold . Approved applicants also will have their application automatically processed for the Regular HEAP program , where additional assistance may be available .
Eligible households may receive financial assistance once per heating season . The HEAP heating season is through March 31 . The benefit amounts are as follows : PUCO-regulated gas or electric customers may receive a benefit of up to $ 175 . Nonregulated electric or gas ( co-ops ) may receive a benefit amount up to $ 750 . Income-eligible bulk fuel customers may receive up to $ 550 for wood or coal , and up to $ 900 is available for bulk fuel propane / bottled gas and fuel oil consumers . Assistance for furnace

Code talkers played a valuable role in WWII

It actually had a history going back to World War I , then more extensively in World War II when U . S . Army military leaders developed a specific program designed to recruit and train Native American speakers to use their native language to become code talkers .
Looking for a complex code the Germans could not break , a civil engineer by the name of Phillip Johnston grew up speaking the Navajo language . His parents were missionaries on the Navajo Reservation , where he learned the language , and he knew the language did not exist in written form and was rarely used anywhere else . It was a perfect storm for an undecipherable code .
Numerous dialects , complex syntax , and unintelligible without extensive exposure and training satisfied the military requirements for a code talker . Early in 1942 Johnston met with Maj . Gen . Clayton B . Vogel , the commanding general of the Amphibious Corps , Pacific Fleet . Johnston staged tests under artificial conditions to demonstrate Navajo men could transmit and decode a three-line English message in 20 seconds verses 30 minutes required by machines at that time . Less than 30 non-Navajo could understand the language . repair also is available up to $ 500 .
To learn more or to apply , call the Kno-Ho- Co-Ashland Community Action Commission ’ s HEAP office at 740-622-
Carole Etchells Cross
Between the Bookends
Vogel recommended the Marines recruit 200 Native Americans . In May 1940 , twenty-nine recruits attended boot camp , creating the first code talkers from Camp Pendleton in California .
The Army was the first branch of the U . S . military to recruit code talkers from Oklahoma , with the Navy and Marines training code talkers from the Navajo , Cherokee , Comanche , Mohawk and Lakota Nations and developed the Joint Army / Navy Phonetic Alphabet .
Because English words represented letters , it was determined phonetically spelling out military terms letter by letter into words took too much time . Some terms , tactics and concepts of modern warfare were given forms of descriptive nomenclatures in Navajo . For example , the word for “ shark ” referred to an American destroyer , and submarine translated into “ iron fish .”
A system employing the Welsh language was used by British forces during WWII , but not to any great extent , and in 1942 the Royal Air Force developed a plan to use
9801 . Due to COVID- 19 restrictions and the safety and well-being of community and staff , the application process must be started via phone only , no in-person applicants .
Welsh for secret communication , but this plan was not widely used .
To ensure the code terminologies were used , representative code talkers from each of the Marine divisions met in Hawaii to discuss new terms and to update the system . New words were added . For example , the word “ buzzard ” was used for bomber .
The code talkers were involved in every operation involving U . S . Marines . They were invaluable when transmitting tactical information over telephone and radio . They worked in twos . One person operated the portable radio while his partner received and relayed information into English and , in doing so , by using their native language , saved American lives by signaling enemy movements . Various tribes fought in Europe , the Pacific and North Africa .
More than 800 messages were transmitted by six Navajo code talkers at the Battle of Iwo Jima , without error . It has been said if it were not for the Native Americans , the Marines would never had taken Iwo Jima . It also should be noted the work of hundreds of code talkers contributed to allied victories in WWII .
In part two of this article , we ’ ll talk about the lack of recognition due the code talkers .